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Medicine Horse Program uses many rescued and untrained horses in order to facilitate reciprocal healing, where client and horse help heal each other.

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Frankie is named for Frank Sinatra and when you see his starling blue eyes you'll see why. Frankie is a gypsy pony who was donated as a young colt to our program. Gypsy ponies are draft ponies, bred for pulling carts. Frankie's long mane begs to to be braided and he rarely complains about the extra attention. You must check out his smile; he let's his bottom lip hang down and it looks so silly. He is solid, friendly, calm, and has a great sense of humor!  

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Commander is an 18 year old Tennessee Walking Horse. He does not trot, but moves along a continuum of walks, dog walk, flat walk and running walk. He loves to play in water, to roll and splash, and loves to be groomed. He also likes a brisk walk along the trails, but he has his name for a reason--the other horses will need to hurry to keep up. 

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JJ is a Danish Warmblood with a previous career as a competitive show horse who now enjoys his second career as a therapist working with a variety of people.  He is a dynamic member of the herd with his expressive nature, tons of curiosity and eagerness to connect.


Although Suzy is tiny, she is one of the greatest therapy horses at Medicine Horse Program. Suzy works tirelessly day after day, bringing joy to all of us. She teaches children to ride. She helps teenagers learn leadership. She teaches empowerment to girls overcoming obstacles. She helps seniors remember the good times they had growing up with horses. She offers veterans with PTSD the power of mindfulness, staying in the moment, relaxed yet aware, as they drive in her cart. 

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In March of 2017, we welcomed Victor to our herd! Victor is a 16yr old Andalusian who has been an upper level dressage and trail horse.  The dressage work is a little to much for him now, but he still loves to be with people and be ridden.  He practically prefers people to horses, and loves attention!  He senses people and connects with them very well, expresses himself but is calm and happy to let people crawl on him bareback.

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Mischief is an affectionate 11 year old Quarter Horse mare. She loves trail riding in the mountains and eating treats!

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Silverwood is a 16 year old Thoroughbred gelding who spent his first six years as a racehorse, winning several events, and (thankfully) retiring without injury or incident. Despite his history as a racehorse, Silver is a calm and willing horse, but he still manages to find opportunities to let his inner foal out!

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Lassaro is a Rhinelander, a breed of German Warmbloods. He was imported from Europe as a 5 y/o. He has spent the majority of his life competing in a discipline called Jumpers- where he competed with great success for many years over 4' fences. Despite his training for speed and accuracy -  he definitely enjoys a mellow trail ride, a good groom and going for a graze



Two year old Esperanza is an Andalusion filly, who was rescued by MHP in the fall of 2015.  She came to us malnourished and with locking stifles.  Esperanza was named for her Spanish heritage and the hope she brings.  



Parome was born in 1997 in Belgium and was imported to the U.S. in 2002. He's a Dutch Warmblood. Even as a young horse, he was sweet, quiet and agreeable. He competed in Eventing, hunters and dressage.  Parome is charismatic and a charmer, always looking for affection. He is a horse who enjoys being with people as much as other horses and is just a joy to be around. These days, trail rides are his favorite activity. He gets his funny name from his dad, the Holsteiner stallion, Larome, in Germany.

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Boxer may be small in stature but he's big in personality.


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