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Groups for Weld County Residents

These programs are fully funded through a generous grant from the Weld Trust and are provided at no cost to participants. Because of this, these groups are intended for individuals living within Weld County only!

Registration for these program will open for ALL individuals, regardless of location, a week prior to the scheduled session!

At Medicine Horse, we are devoted to serving individuals and groups through Equine Facilitated Therapy (EFT) and Learning (EFL). We are not a therapeutic riding facility. All of our therapy sessions take place on the ground with our therapists and interns. Our horses are co-facilitators during the session which means their job is to behave in their natural intuitive state and to respond to the client naturally without any agenda.

During our Equine therapy sessions, we focus on sharing space with our horses and building trust with them over time while we learn to ground, groom, and lead with the supervision of licensed mental health professionals. Equine-facilitated therapy sessions use feedback from the horse's behavior and interactions to give insight, thus enhancing the process and providing a therapeutic experience unparalleled by talk therapy alone.

New insights, skills, and successes developed with the horses transfer to each participant's everyday life. Medicine Horse provides a fun, challenging, and unique environment in which human growth, healing, and potential may be achieved.

Upcoming Programs

  • Weld County Youth Support Group
    Weld County Youth Support Group
    This 6-week group is for Elementary school-aged youth (ages 7-10) and their parents/caregivers, looking to improve relationships with themselves by exploring somatic awareness and nervous system regulation through the healing power of horses.
  • Cancer Support Group
    Cancer Support Group
    This is a 6-week support group for adults who are impacted by cancer, including those who have recently received a diagnosis, those who are undergoing treatment, and those who consider themselves survivors.
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