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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering your time, knowledge, and skills at Medicine Horse is more than your average volunteer opportunity; it allows you to become a part of a mission to improve the lives of others and fuel positive social change. Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization and an integral aspect of all our programs and activities. Each day brings our volunteers a chance to help others and be a part of a compassionate and fun community. 


We always have plenty of volunteer opportunities! Whatever interest, talent, or gift you are willing to share may be, your time is appreciated and will be put to good use. 

We currently have three levels of volunteering:

1. Barn Crew

2. Equine Skills

3. Horse Handlers

Please note: For working with horses we require that all volunteers go through three levels of training, regardless of prior horses or therapy experience. It gives us the opportunity to assess skills, introduce you to our horses, and provide background on information you might need to operate in an equine-facilitated psychotherapy facility. Unfortunately, due to staff limitations, we are not able to offer one-on-one training outside of our normally scheduled group training.

Because we are a mental health facility, all volunteers and staff are required to submit a background check. After you submit the volunteer application and attend our barn orientation, you will receive a link with instructions. The background check costs approximately $24.99. 

If you need financial assistance to cover the fee, you can contact us at

Group and Corporate Volunteering

We welcome and encourage group and corporate volunteering! Group volunteer opportunities are an ideal way for corporate teams, student groups, high schools, churches and other organizations to join the Medicine Horse community and provide unique support to our programs.

There is nothing better than team activities within the fresh air with animals, not to mention beautiful views to boot. If you want to facilitate strong relationships among your employees while fueling positive social change, reach out to us at

Want to learn more? 
Read our Volunteer Handbook!


Contact Us

Have questions about volunteering at Medicine Horse? Not interested in Barn Chores, or do you have a different skill that you think could

help improve our operations at Medicine Horse? 

Email us at

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