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Volunteer Opportunities

Ready to volunteer with us?
Here's what you need to do!

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Complete a background check
If you are 18 years or age or older you MUST complete a background screening with Sterling Volunteers before you can begin volunteering. The screening costs around $19 and is good for one year. Volunteers who participate regularly will not need to renew their screening each year. 

Watch our online Volunteer Orientation

Volunteering your time, knowledge, and skills at Medicine Horse is more than your average volunteer opportunity; it allows you to become a part of a mission to improve the lives of others and fuel positive social change. Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization and an integral aspect of all our programs and activities. Each day brings our volunteers a chance to help others and be a part of a compassionate and fun community. 


Our volunteers help support us in a variety of ways, from mucking stalls and caring for our horses, to helping plan event fundraisers and supporting our therapists in group therapy sessions. We always have plenty of volunteer opportunities and provide all the training you need to be a part of our volunteer team! Whatever interest, talent, or gift you are willing to share may be, your time is appreciated and will be put to good use.


Volunteer Opportunities

Barn Crew

Assist Medicine Horse team with equine-related tasks around the barn, including but not limited to mucking, filling water, hay bags, sweeping, etc. Learn more HERE.

Horse Handlers

Assist therapists by handling horses during group therapy sessions (grooming, leading clients on horses, etc.). Learn more HERE.


         Next training session is Monday, May 13th from 1-3:30 PM! Submit volunteer application to join! 

Development Committee

Medicine Horse Development Committee aims to achieve more than just fundraising. With a broader scope, it will also focus on the strategic growth and sustainability of the organization. This includes building relationships, strategic planning, donor cultivation, community engagement, marketing, and ensuring long-term sustainability. Meets every last Thursday of the month! Learn more HERE.

Volunteer Groups

We welcome and encourage group and corporate volunteering! Group volunteer opportunities are an ideal way for corporate teams, student groups, high schools, churches and other organizations to join the Medicine Horse community and provide unique support to our programs.

Court-Mandated Community Service Hours

Medicine Horse will work with individuals to fulfill court appointed Community Service hours as long as the individual complies with all MH guidelines: 

  • Must be 18 years or older - If you are a minor, a parent or guardian must accompany you

  • Required court documentation must be brought in-person or emailed to be signed and copied

  • Hours for community service must be scheduled in-advance

  • Please note: Because we are a mental health facility, we are unable to accept community service for individuals with the following charges: Crimes against persons and/or animals, Felony, Assault/Harassment, Drugs, or Theft.

  • Email to get started.


Bridget Domenighini

My favorite thing about volunteering at Medicine Horse has been how accepting and kind the staff and other volunteers have been. I have very little horse experience, and everyone has been patient, encouraging, and super helpful, even allowing my kids to participate in feeding and socializing the goats and minis. I started out loving the horses, and that has grown into a connection with some wonderful people!

Makayla Quinonez
Retail Manager First Interstate Bank

Our team had a wonderful day volunteering with Medicine Horse. The staff was welcoming and engaging and they had a variety of projects for team members to pick from. It was great for us to get outside, be around the animals and support a wonderful community organization. I would definitely recommend a team volunteer day with Medicine Horse.

20231109_124636 (1).jpg

Volunteer Guidelines

  • Volunteers must be 18 or older to volunteer without supervision.

  • Volunteers under the age of 18 must supervised by a parent/guardian or supervised by the volunteer coordinator (if scheduled in advance)

  • Volunteers MUST complete a background check via Sterling Volunteers with the exception of group volunteers and Court Mandated volunteers. We are unable to accept applicants into our volunteer programs who have been arrested for, or convicted of, crimes against persons and/or animals. 

  • Horse Handlers MUST complete our Equine Skills and Group Therapy training and be approved by our therapy team. (Any and all volunteers are allowed to take this training, whether or not they wish to join our Horse Handler Team!)

  • No previous horse experience needed!

  • New volunteers can sign up for shifts after completing the online orientation and background check, both of which will be sent to you after filling out our application!

  • All volunteers must commit to at least 4 hours of volunteering per month! 

Contact Us

Have questions about volunteering at Medicine Horse? Not interested in Barn Chores, or do you have a different skill that you think could

help improve our operations at Medicine Horse? 

Email us at

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