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Share your Story

We would like to ask you, our donors, program participants, volunteers, and staff to ask if you are willing to share your stories and experiences with our organization.


Personal stories are the most powerful and effective way to shape the social narrative, lift up fellow community members, and help Medicine Horse reach more people in need. 


We are aware some of the stories are very personal and sensitive, so we will NEVER share your story without your permission. 

You can tell your story on your own conditions, or if you are looking for something to start with, you can consider these questions:

  • What are the most valuable aspects of your participation / giving to us / volunteering?

  • What was the initial need you had that led you to Medicine Horse? How did your involvement with Medicine Horse meet that need?

  • How do you think Medicine Horse is different or uniquely suited to helping those needing mental health support and/or supporting mental wellness in the community?

  • Have you experienced any specific successes that your involvement with our organization helped you achieve? 

  • How has your involvement with our program benefited you or your community in terms of increasing quality of life or satisfaction? 


Your Stories

Breast cancer support groups are a dime a dozen. There are so many out there, but none offer
the unique and fulfilling experience that Medicine Horse offered to me. When you are going
through the ordeal of breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and the aftermath, you are living and
breathing that everyday. Wholeness With Horses gave me the opportunity to escape that; to just
be a regular person. To show up to a group where you do not need to explain yourself, where
you are understood by other people in your situation, and where you are able to share an
experience is empowering.


“My favorite thing about volunteering at Medicine Horse has been how accepting and kind the staff and other volunteers have been. I have very little horse experience, and everyone has been patient, encouraging, and super helpful, even allowing my kids to participate in feeding and socializing the goats and minis. I started out loving the horses, and that has grown into a connection with some wonderful people! ”

Bridget Domenighini

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