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Miniature Horse

Magnus was born in Dysart, Iowa, in May 2021 (yes, he's still a baby). His coloring is called Sorrel Pinto and he's still a stallion but will be a gelding when the time comes. In December 2021 Magnus was transferred by mini horse guru Tori Shauger, to New Mexico where she worked with him until we were able to pick him up. He arrived at Medicine Horse in February 2022 just as a massive blizzard was beginning.

Magnus is very young so he's getting lots of gentle handling and training to help him learn. He's very curious and walks up to greet everyone he meets. Although he's not yet a full time therapist, he's taken to the work like a duck to water.

Magnus loves hanging out with the mini donkeys, Frank and Bean. So much so, that he prefers to be with them in their enclosure.

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