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Dwarf Goat

Meet Hanz, the fabulous goat with an insatiable appetite and a heart as big as his appetite! This charming, four-legged foodie can be found munching on everything from hay to hats and jackets. When he's not busy satisfying his taste buds, Hanz is jumping and playing with his goat and sheep friends, and is always looking for a good pet from a human. Hanz's partner in mischief is his brother Franz, who shares in his adventures and snack-time shenanigans.

But there's more to Hanz than just fun and games! This lovable therapy animal brings smiles and warmth to many he meets with his fuzzy coat and sweet demeanor. Whether he's indulging in snacks, bouncing through the pen, or offering comforting companionship, Hanz is the goat that makes our days a little brighter!

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