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Sponsor an Animal Therapist

Our animal therapists are an integral part of our work, bringing their unique personalities and loving presence to help our clients overcome their issues. From Frank, Prince, and Mack showing up for groups ready to welcome individuals into their herd to Magnus' bravery and cheerfulness, Nico's intelligence and calmness, Aries' gentleness and perseverance, or Bean and Frank's unwavering bond, each of our furry therapists plays a crucial role in our therapy sessions. We love them all dearly and are grateful for the joy and comfort they bring to our clients. However, supporting these animals requires a lot of funds, and we would be incredibly grateful if you would consider supporting one of them. Your contribution would help us continue to provide the best care for our animal therapists and ensure that they can continue to spread love and positivity to those who need it most.

The costs of supporting our animals include boarding, veterinary care, farrier, bodywork, and food. The total cost of supporting all of our animals is around $48,000 per year!

Your contribution would help us continue to provide the best care for our animal therapists and ensure that they can continue to spread love and positivity to those who need it most.


We offer two ways to support our animal therapists. You can make a one-time donation or deepen your support with a recurring donation. If you choose to commit to a recurring donation, you will receive a certificate of appreciation and an invitation to an exclusive picnic at Medicine Horse. This event will provide an opportunity to meet our animal therapists, learn about their work, and connect with other supporters of our animals. You'll also have a chance to take photos with our animals and participate in a Q&A session with the Medicine Horse team. 

Our Animals  Need Sponsors Like You!


Current Animals Needing Sponsorship

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Give a Treat!

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We understand that monthly commitments can be challenging, but guess what? You can still make a positive impact with a one-time donation of just $10!


Your contribution goes beyond just a tasty treat; its a gesture of appreciation for the unconditional love and comfort these animals provide during therapeutic sessions. With just $10, you can make tails wag and hooves tap in delight!

Meet our Animals Therapists


Meet Aries, the little horse with a heart full of love and gentleness!


Meet Frankie, the little guy with a big personality.


Meet Hanz, the fabulous goat with an insatiable appetite and a heart as big as his appetite!


Meet Magnus, the pint-sized equine wonder with a personality as big as his heart!


Meet Prince, the handsome tri-colored horse with a heart as noble as his name. 


Meet Bean, the adorable mini donkey with a heart full of love and a passion for making new friends!


Meet Franz, the spirited goat whose zest for life is as boundless as his love for food!


Meet Hazel, the sweet floppy-eared brown Mini Nubian therapy goat who radiates queen-like charm as she lays atop her throne.


Meet Nico, the mini horse with a heart of gold and a mind as sharp as a tack!


Meet Stanley, the precious brown sheep whose shy demeanor and gentle soul make him a heartwarming presence in any flock.


Meet Frank, the lovable mini donkey with a heart of gold and a spirit that never quits! 


Meet Gwen, the fluffy brown baby sheep who joined our therapy team in August 2023, bringing a heartwarming tale of discovery and belonging.


Meet Mack, the friendly quarter horse who will greet you with a nicker that warms the soul. 


Meet Petunia, the gentle blue-eyed therapy goat who is shy by nature but brave in comforting those in need.

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