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Bailey, came from sunny California in June 2022. She has adapted well to the Colorado lifestyle and she loves living at Papillon! Bailey’s mom says she “is my warm, happy place, and I hope she can bring that even-ness/calmness to others”.

Bailey is a Morgan, and she started out as a fiesty, sassy, and headstrong girl 18 years ago. Thanks to some good training, she is now a very "light" horse. She's very intelligent, which means she knows what you're asking of her after just a couple's just getting her to agree that it's what SHE wants to do that can be a challenge! Maturity has helped Bailey mellow out. She is exceptional with children, and she has loads of experience with little riders from 18mo - 12yrs. She adjusts herself accordingly to match the energy of the kiddos. She is incredibly gentle with humans of all ages, and her mom thinks she may love her humans more than the other horses.

Bailey loves treats, from apples and carrots, to sugar cubes and peppermint sticks! Her all time favorite treat is watermelon slices, but watch out for the drool!

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