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Tunis/Karakul Sheep

Meet Gwen, the fluffy brown baby sheep who joined our therapy team in August 2023, bringing a heartwarming tale of discovery and belonging. Initially bottle-raised, she believed herself to be a house lamb during her first months. Imagine her surprise to learn she was going to be a barn sheep! Her world quickly brightened when Hazel and Petunia happily adopted her as their own.

Sweet, curious, and a touch shy, Gwen blossoms with patience and stillness from her human friends. With this, her bravery emerges, revealing a sheep eager to revel in chin scratches. Despite her beautiful, fluffy appearance she prefers that her human friends don't touch her sensitive wool. She likes curiously sniffing visitors rather than full-body touches and tends to move away when this boundary is crossed, teaching us that consent is important even for our animal friends. Gwen, along with her best friend Stanley, extends comforting companionship to those who relish in the simple joy of sitting alongside them, immersed in the soothing symphony of hay munching.

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