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Exclusive Programming for Weld County Residents!

Thanks to a generous grant from The Weld Trust, Medicine Horse is excited to offer 6-week support groups and individual scholarships for eligible Weld County residents! Our clients have opportunities to connect with themselves, the horses, and nature in a safe and beautiful space which is often profoundly healing. Our therapy team tailors each session to the participants to ensure everybody feels heard, comfortable, and connected and clients report feeling calm, connected, and peaceful while at the ranch and tend to get exactly what they need from their time here.


Cancer Support Groups

Our first offering is for Weld County residents impacted by cancer including those who have recently received a diagnosis, those who are undergoing treatment, as well as survivors and those in remission. 

No matter where someone is on their cancer journey, there is a mental-emotional cost that we help folks navigate at their own pace. Navigating cancer can feel isolating and frightening; participants find solace in connecting with others on the journey sharing stories, resources, and community with each other.


Group sessions will take place on Thursdays from 10 AM – 12 PM and are limited to 10 participants. We understand that those in treatment may have days that they feel it best to miss a session for recovery—this is welcome as we encourage folks to get what they need which may mean missing a session or two.

Upcoming scheduled sessions are: 

Round 1: July 11 - August 15

Round 2: August 29 - October 3

Round 3: October 17 - November 21


Individual & Family Therapy Scholarships

We are alternatively offering individual scholarships for 6 sessions of one-on-one Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy with one of our therapists for those impacted by cancer as this may feel like a better fit for some folks. These sessions may also be family sessions as we recognize the impact a cancer diagnosis can have on the whole family.


Teen Peer Support Groups

We are also in the process of organizing 6-week teen peer support groups for Weld County teens. In group, teens have the opportunity to connect with peers during a challenging and confusing stage of life. Our therapists introduce psychoeducation to help teens understand their emotions, nervous system regulation, and how to attune to others and the animals offer a calm and accepting presence that many teens find lacking in other spaces in their lives. We have witnessed teen clients find peace and connection during these Equine Facilitated Learning groups and hope we can provide space for a teen in your life to lean into themselves and find acceptance with other participants and the animals.

The Importance of Community Partners

Our success with these programs would not be possible without the support of our community partners. Organizations like Hope Lives and local healthcare providers play a crucial role in extending our reach and enhancing the services we offer. Their collaboration ensures that participants have access to a comprehensive support network, making their healing journey more holistic and impactful. Keeping our mission and vision in mind, our community partnerships are brought together through our joint efforts to assist those most challenged by inequities, marginalization, and important mental health issues.

We are always looking for new partnership opportunities and are able to create programs tailored to each organization’s clients and goals. If you are interested in partnering with us, please reach out to our Program Coordinator, Anna Birman, at  


If you or someone you know qualifies for any of these offerings, please sign up on our Weld County Programs page:


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