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Volunteering your time, knowledge, and skills at Medicine Horse is more than your average volunteer opportunity; it allows you to become a part of a mission to improve the lives of others and fuel positive social change. Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization and an integral aspect of all our programs and activities. Each day brings our volunteers a chance to help others and be a part of a compassionate and fun community. 


We always have plenty of volunteer opportunities! Whatever interest, talent, or gift you are willing to share may be, your time is appreciated and will be put to good use. 

Have questions about volunteering at Medicine Horse? Do you have a different skill that you think could

help improve our operations at Medicine Horse? Email us at

Barn Crew

barn crew


  • Mucking (cleaning pens)

  • Cleaning and filling water troughs

  • Filling hay bags

  • Sweeping

  • Helping with small projects as needed


  • Ability to lift at least 40 lbs.

  • Arrive in proper attire, including work gloves and boots

  • Must be comfortable with physical labor

  • Courteous and willing to address the most pressing needs

Onboarding Process

  1. Submit a Volunteer Application

  2. Check your inbox for our welcome email. Be sure to check your spam filter(s). Please add to your contacts to help ensure you receive important volunteer information from us.

  3. Attend an orientation

Once you complete five volunteer shifts, our Barn Manager can give you clearance to go on to be a volunteer lead, assisting with moving animals, or handling horses during group therapy sessions if it is something you would like to do.


Medicine Horse accepts a limited number of horse handler volunteers each year.  These roles are a vitally important part of our team and therapy groups and require a strong background of horse experience and self-awareness to keep clients safe while allowing them the space to participate in therapy without additional input beyond that of the therapists.   Due to compliance laws, horse handlers are required to pass a background check in addition to passing Medicine Horse's written and practical hands-on tests. Due to our limited staff, we cannot provide basic equine skills training at our facility; however, we do train the Horse Hands Team volunteers on our type of work and how we support clients with horses.

horse hands team


  • Catch, halter, and lead a variety of horses in a variety of settings with direction from the group facilitator

  • Read horse behavior and take appropriate action during a group to maintain safety for yourself, horses, and participants

  • Use neutral and reflective language with participants

  • Work as a team with other horse handlers, facilitators, and students

  • Gather and put away equipment needed during a session

  • Maintain mental and emotional regulation and awareness, and communicate clearly what is needed if that isn’t possible

  • Communicate about absences and seek a replacement if possible


  • Horse experience with a variety of horses

  • Horsemanship principlesAbility and willingness to learn and apply relational horsemanship and natural 

  • Self-awareness around triggers and issues that might come up during a group

Onboarding Process

  1. Submit a Volunteer Application

  2. Submit a Horse Hands Written Test

  3. Check your inbox for our welcome email. Be sure to check your spam filter(s). Please add to your contacts to help ensure you receive important volunteer information from us.

  4. Complete the 4-hour horse handler training and horse skills assessment/training

  5. Pass background check. Please remember that the background check cost is $20 plus taxes. (If you need assistance covering the fee, reach out to us at

  6. Attend one group as an observer

  7. Attend one “horse time” session to practice skills and receive feedback

  8. Commit to 6-8 weeks of sessions for 3 hours


marketing & admin office help


  • Be courteous and personable when dealing with the public 

  • Willing to take initiative 

  • Detail-oriented 

  • Respect and maintain the confidentiality of Medicine Horse clients, volunteers, partners, and donors 

  • Computer skills are desired but not necessary

  • Fluency in Spanish is a plus

You can help us with:

  • Creating marketing content for our social media

  • Web design

  • Photography, videography, video editing

  • Graphic Design / Print

  • Maintaining our data system

  • Event planning and preparation

Onboarding Process

  1. Submit a Volunteer Application

  2. Check your inbox for our welcome email. Be sure to check your spam filter(s). Please add to your contacts to help ensure you receive important volunteer information from us.

  3. Reach out to to schedule a tour at Medicine Horse and discuss how you can help.


group & corporate volunteering

We welcome and encourage group and corporate volunteering! There is nothing better than team activities in the fresh air with animals, not to mention with beautiful views to boot. If you want to facilitate strong relationships among your employees while fueling positive social change, reach out to us at

Volunteer Page.png


These guidelines were developed in accordance with Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) guildelines to create a safe, respectful environment for clients, volunteers, horses, and therapists at Medicine Horse (MH). 

Safety and confidentiality are always our primary concerns for

clients, volunteers, horses, staff, and anyone on the property. 

THERAPEUTIC ENVIRONMENT. Most of the areas at MH, including the office, are used for therapy. When entering MH property, please be mindful that a session may be in progress. If a therapist is with anyone while you are on the property, please pass quietly without interrupting.


DRIVE SLOWLY AT 5 MPH at all times you are on our property.


IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. Instructions and phone numbers for emergencies are posted in the barn and on the Medicine Horse office door. The office is located near the front door and the phone is on the desk inside. If there is an emergency and you must enter the office while a session is in progress, knock first and wait for the door to be opened. Please note: the office phone is to be used only for emergencies.

COMMUNITY. We are a safe and inclusive environment and expect our volunteers to uphold these values while working with Medicine Horse.


NO SMOKING. No use of tobacco, smokeless tobacco, or vaping products on the Medicine Horse property, please.

ALCOHOL/DRUG USE. Volunteering around horses requires a clear head. Please do not use drugs or alcohol before or during your time volunteering. If we suspect that you are under the influence, we will ask you to leave the property.

PARKING. Please park in designated areas only. Do not park on the grass or block the roadway. If you are parked anywhere on the drive where an emergency response vehicle can not get through, please move your car behind the white gates.

OUTSIDE ANIMALS. Other than service animals, no outside animals are permitted on the Medicine Horse property, including in parked cars. Please leave your furry companions at home.

INSURANCE. Medicine Horse's insurance covers only participants enrolled in our programs and those scheduled to be on the property. Any family members or friends that would like to participate in volunteering MUST complete the volunteer application, liability release, and be scheduled to volunteer.



  • ​Do not turnout without permission from the staff.

  • Do not leave gates open.

  • Do not feed the horses or offer treats, even if they act hungry (they always act hungry). Overfeeding can cause colic and kill a horse.

  • Do not remove a horse from a stall

  • Always wear sturdy closed-toe shoes and work gloves.

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