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We have ongoing opportunities for volunteer support to help spread the message about our work that can be done remotely and in person at our facility. Click here to see how you can help with marketing, event planning, social media, photography and/or videography, fundraising, and more!

Medicine Horse accepts a limited number of horse handler volunteers each year.  Our Horse Hands Team volunteers are a vitally important part of our team (and groups) and requires a strong background of horse experience and self-awareness. Click here for information on volunteering as a horse handler.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Candidate information for Horse Hands Team volunteers


Medicine Horse accepts a limited number of horse handler volunteers each year.  These roles are a vitally important part of our team (and groups) and require a strong background of horse experience and self-awareness to keep clients safe while allowing them the space to participate in therapy without additional input beyond that of the therapists.   Due to compliance laws, horse handlers are required to pass a background check in addition to passing Medicine Horse's written and practical hands-on tests. Due to our limited staff, we are not able to provide basic equine skills training at our facility; however, we do train the Horse Hands Team volunteers on our type of work and how we support clients with horses.

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Medicine Horse is a leading provider of equine group therapy programs.  We have a wide variety of communities we serve such as veterans, first responders, folks suffering with addiction, abuse, trauma, LGBTQIA communities, marginalized and underserved populations, and women impacted by breast cancer (to name just a few).  In addition to Medicine Horse groups such as Operation Be Herd, Wholeness with Horses, Rainbow Wranglers, Horses for Heroes we also partner with agencies such as Thorne Nature Experience, Rose House, TRU Community, Imagine!, Outdoor Afro, Out Boulder, Mount Saint Vincent and others to provide equine assisted therapy to their clients/communities.

If you are interested in applying to join our horse handler volunteer team, here are a few things we consider:

  • Extensive years of hands-on horse experience  -- 5 years minimum in horse ownership/leasing, horse handling at other facilities, horse trainers, equine competition background, etc.

  • Patient, open-minded, inclusive, and compassionate qualities.

  • Reliable and punctual

  • Folks who enjoy being outside, getting dirty and contributing with the ability to stand/walk for several hours in all weather conditions.

  • Ability to lift/carry up to 50 lbs.

  • Persons in the BIPOC and LGBTQIA communities are encouraged to apply as we serve these communities.

  • Fluency in Spanish is a plus.

  • Over the age of 18

Our Expectations:

  • Complete the Volunteer Application provided below.

  • Pass the written test provided below.

  • Pass the practical hands-on test at Medicine Horse. You’ll be asked to halter, lead, pick hooves, tie a quick release and other horse handler tasks.

  • Pass a background check ($20 fee organized by you directly with that agency.)

  • Attend an on-site equine-assisted psychotherapy training with our therapists.

  • Commit to attending three trainings a year (held quarterly) with Medicine Horse staff to connect with our therapy herd and review best practices for horse handlers in a therapy setting.

  • Commit to horse-handle for a minimum 1 group per year (a group can be one full day or 2 hours a week for 8 weeks or some other variation.)

  • If you are unable to work a session you've committed to, you’ll be responsible to find coverage from others on the Horse Hands Team.

  • If you’re unable to work a session you've committed to, we ask that you give the lead therapist as much notice as possible.

  • Be available to back-up/cover for others when they are unable to work.

If you would like to be considered for our horse handler volunteer team, please complete the following volunteer application and written test.


Events and Marketing Volunteer Team

If you enjoy planning events, getting creative with marketing ideas, fundraising, writing newsletters, social media strategy, or are otherwise interested in helping spread the word about the work Medicine Horse does, we can use your help!

Medicine Horse is actively seeking photographers and/or videographers interested in giving back to their community by helping document our programs and events and telling Medicine Horse's story through visual images we can use on our website, social media, YouTube channel and marketing materials.

Our Events and Marketing Volunteer Team typically meets once a month via Zoom to brainstorm fun ideas, plan events, help support the development of marketing collateral, and tell horse jokes. If this sounds like fun to you, please join us! Please complete and submit the volunteer application below to express your interest.


These guidelines were developed in in accordance with Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) in order to create a safe, respectful environment for clients, volunteers, horses and therapists at Medicine Horse (MH).  

SAFETY AND CONFIDENTIALITY.   Safety and confidentiality are always our primary concerns for clients, volunteers, horses, staff, and anyone on the property. 

Theraputic Environment.  Most of the areas at MH, including the office, are used for therapy.  When entering MH property, please be mindful that a session may be in progress.  If a therapist is with anyone while you are on the property, please pass quietly without interrupting.  If there is an emergency and you must enter the office while a session is in progress, knock first and wait for the door to be opened. 


No family members, visitors, friends, parents, guardians, etc. are allowed to accompany participants or volunteers beyond the front gates.  This is due to Medicine Horse's client confidentiality policies and privacy issues surrounding equine assisted psychotherapy. The only exception will be for special events and will be at the discretion of the Executive Director or Therapist/Instructor.


  • All volunteer time must be scheduled.  Volunteers may only be on the property as scheduled and may not stop by randomly, bring visitors, etc. 

  • Please arrive thirty minutes prior to start time for classes, events, sessions, etc. and plan to stay a few minutes afterward to clean up, put horses away, etc.

  • When you are volunteering on the property, please log your hours on the sign in sheet in the central program barn.

  • If lessons/classes must be cancelled, volunteers will be notified in advance as early as possible.  If you are unable to work a session you've committed to, we ask that you notify the lead therapist as soon as possible and you’ll be responsible to find coverage from others on the Horse Hands Team.


Horse Safety.

  • Do not leave gates open.

  • Do not feed the horses or offer treats, even if they act hungry (they always act hungry). Overfeeding can colic and kill a horse.

  • Do not remove a horse from a stall or turnout without permission from staff.

  • Always wear sturdy closed-toe shoes and work gloves

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.  Instructions and phone numbers for emergencies are posted in the barn and on on the office door. The phone is in the Medicine Horse office on the desk near the front door.  If there is an emergency and you must enter the office while a session is in progress, knock first and wait for the door to be opened. Please note: the office phone is to be used only for emergencies.

NO SMOKING or CHEWING GUM on the Medicine Horse property, please.

ALCOHOL/DRUG USE.  Volunteering with and around horses requires a clear head. Please do not use drugs or alcohol prior to or while volunteering. If we suspect that you are under the influence we will ask you to leave the property.

PARKING.  Please do not park on the southwest side. That is the access for emergency vehicles to get to the arena in case of a riding accident. If you are parked anywhere on the drive and a firetruck can not get through, please move your car behind the white gates.

OUTSIDE ANIMALS.  Other than service animals, no outside animals are permitted on the Medicine Horse property. Outside animals may NOT be left in parked cars.

DOCUMENTATION.  All volunteers must complete the volunteer application, and sign the liability release, confidentiality policy, background check notification form and authorization for emergency medical treatment before volunteering.

INSURANCE. Medicine Horse's insurance covers only participants enrolled in our programs and those scheduled to be on the property.  Please do not ask us to let your family, friends, etc. visit the property or work with our horses.​​