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Tennessee Walking Horse

About Prince

Meet Prince, the handsome tri-colored horse with a heart as noble as his name. Prince is an honest, sensitive horse who is in tune with what is happening around him. He has a way of inviting sincerity to interactions which is refreshing, at times challenging, and ultimately very rewarding. 

In 2015 Prince was rescued from Arkansas where he was found very malnourished but thankfully he gained weight quickly (due to his love of eating) and has remained a happy, healthy horse ever since.

Prince got his name because he's such a good boy, he's charming and easy to spend time with. His calm and confident demeanor is so strong that many of his herd mates like to be near him so that they can enjoy his energy.  It is really relaxing to be in his presence. Prince is also very thoughtful and you can often see him in deep contemplation, especially when he's experiencing something new.His intuitive, authentic nature makes him an excellent partner in therapy and his way of being in the world encourages self-exploration in a powerful way. Prince has been with Medicine Horse for many years and has a big fan club. In his downtime, Prince loves walking around the pasture munching on grass with his horse friends, he also enjoys gentle ear rubs and chest scratches.

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