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Why Supporting Nonprofit Mental Health is Important

As the holiday season approaches, there's a special day that stands out in Colorado's calendar - Colorado Gives Day. This year, Medicine Horse has an ambitious goal - to provide free-of-cost individual therapy for our clients.

During our research on community needs this year, we discovered that the reality of mental health and access to it in Colorado is much worse than we expected.

According to the State of Mental Health in America 2023 report, more than half a million adults in Colorado with a mental illness have not received any treatment. Over 350,000 adults reported that they were unable to receive the treatment they needed. The primary reason behind this is the inability to afford mental health care. Even among youth with private insurance, 17.20% have policies that don't cover mental or emotional problems.* And among LGBTQ+ youth experiencing depression or anxiety, 45% couldn't afford mental health care.** (If you want to view more statistics, please check out our infographics)

As you probably already know, at Medicine Horse, we provide our group therapy free of cost. However, we also recognize that some individuals may need a more personalized approach to their mental health journey. That's why we are committed to providing free individual therapy sessions to those who need it. We want to give our clients and therapists an opportunity to recognize when someone can benefit from a more focused and longer therapy journey. We also want to be there for those individuals, offering them the support and services they need to overcome their struggles. With individual therapy sessions, we hope to significantly impact the mental health of our community, one person at a time.

That is why this year, during Colorado Gives Day, we aim to gather $24,000 to provide 25 scholarships for individual therapy sessions. With each scholarship, we hope to make a difference in someone's life, providing them with the support they need to overcome their struggles.

This Colorado Gives Day, we ask that everyone come together to support us in our noble cause. By donating to Medicine Horse, you can help us reach this goal and positively impact our community's mental health. Together, let's make a difference! Together, let's make a difference!


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