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Spring is coming! Group volunteering welcome.

If you want to facilitate strong relationships among your employees while fueling positive social change or spend some quality time with your friends doing something meaningful for your community, reach out to us! There is nothing better than team activities in the fresh air with animals, not to mention with beautiful views to boot.

Hopefully, spring weather is coming soon and that will allow us to start working on numerous projects around the barn to improve our facility for our animals and community.

  • Removing weeds

  • Build a shelter for our minis and donkeys

  • Create a play area for our mini goats

  • Help with fencing our track system

  • Create therapist space

  • When the snow and ice melt and mud is minimal, there will be lots of clean-up days

  • Make parking signs

  • Frame parking lot with railroad ties

  • Install new door handles

  • Add gates to pasture

If you and your team would like to help us with some projects around the barn, please reach out to us at We look forward to seeing you soon!


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