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Team Up for Change: Group Volunteering at Medicine Horse

Welcome to Medicine Horse, where the magic of equine therapy brings healing and hope

to our community. But the real magic happens when people come together to support our cause. In this post, we're excited to showcase the various group volunteer opportunities available at Medicine Horse, perfect for teams, organizations, and friends who want to make a meaningful impact together.

Butler Elementary School 5/6/2024

Why Volunteer as a Group?

Group volunteering is not just about the work done; it's about building stronger relationships, enhancing team-building skills, and collectively contributing to a noble cause. Whether you're a corporate team, a student organization, or a group of friends, volunteering at Medicine Horse offers a unique opportunity to bond and make a lasting difference.

Group Volunteer Opportunities at Medicine Horse may include:

  1. Mucking stalls

  2. Filling Hay bags

  3. Site Cleanup/Landscape/Gardening

  4. Painting (depending on availability)

  5. Holiday Decorating

***All group volunteer opportunities include a tour of our facility and time to meet our amazing animals!

How to Get Involved:

Step 1: Contact Anna, our volunteer coordinator at to express your interest in group volunteering.

Step 2: We'll schedule a meeting to understand your group's interests and availability.

Step 3: Together, we'll plan a volunteering schedule and activities that best suit your group.

The Benefits of Group Volunteering:

By volunteering as a group at Medicine Horse, you're not only contributing to our mission but also gaining:

  • Stronger team dynamics and improved collaboration skills.

  • A sense of fulfillment and shared purpose.

  • An opportunity to learn about equine therapy and its benefits.

Group volunteering at Medicine Horse is an opportunity to make a positive impact while strengthening your team. It’s about coming together to support a cause greater than ourselves and creating memorable experiences along the way. We invite you and your team to join us in this journey of compassion and change!

Anna Birman (She/Her/Hers)

Volunteer and Program Coordinator


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