Operation Be Herd

A group for veterans from 
all branches of the military

Through our partnership with the Boulder Veterans Center, we offer an ongoing equine-assisted therapy program for veterans of all military branches.

We partner veterans with horses to bring a unique approach to emotional and relationship healing. By observing and interacting with horses, veterans engage in activities that teach mindfulness, regulation, and healthy communication.

Operation Be Herd meets on Fridays for 8 weeks.

This program is free for particpants. Donations are always welcome and appreciated.

vets group.jpg

I am so grateful for the Medicine Horse [board of] directors and equine therapists who have opened doors for our veterans from varying branches of the service, and varying conflicts, to participate in their equine therapy program. Collaborating with Medicine Horse has provided an opportunity for some of our nation’s veterans to find some healing and acceptance in the community in a way they have found difficult since their discharge from the service.


Our veterans have found great benefit in being outside, slowing down, interacting with the horses and being present, as well as getting to know the equine therapists. This equine therapy group collaboration between our two agencies has afforded some of our nation’s veterans with an opportunity they would not otherwise have been able to experience, if not for the generosity of Medicine Horse.


Medicine Horse, we thank you for finding a way to honor our nation’s veterans in a meaningful and heartfelt way.

~ Collette Archibald, LCSW

    Director of the Boulder Vet Center