Our Mission:

We Save Lives

Healing through the empathic power of the horse

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Our hearts are broken for our neighbors & friends who experienced loss in the devastating December 30th Marshall Fire. Many in our community are in need of extra support right now, and Medicine Horse is here to help the best way we can.


We will be hosting free equine assisted therapy sessions for individuals, families, firefighters and other first responders who have been impacted by the Marshall Fire. During these sessions, folks will have an opportunity to focus, release tension and be given the space to process the overwhelming emotions they are experiencing.


We plan to host as many groups as needed to help with community healing. The first two groups will meet on 4 consecutive Saturdays beginning January 29. You are not required to attend all four sessions, but you're certainly welcome to. Groups are limited to 20 participants. We will continue to form new groups as community demand necessitates.

Firefighters & First Responders 

4 weeks on Saturdays

10 am to Noon

Begins January 29 

Individuals & Families*

impacted by the Marshall Fire

4 weeks on Saturdays

2 - 4 pm

Begins January 29

* Ages 6 and up welcome to attend. Minor children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. 

These sessions will be provided at no cost to participants. Donations are welcome and any support is appreciated be it big or small; your help will allow us to run multiple groups.

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Medicine Horse Responds to Marshall Fire


Our Mission

We save lives. Healing through
the empathic power of the horse.

Medicine Horse offers free/donation-based equine assisted psychotherapy and learning sessions to enhance the mental health of individuals, couples, children & teens, families, and groups.


Parent's Peace with Ponies

Parent's Peace with Ponies, beginning January 18, is a support group for parents/guardians whose children struggle with substance use and mental health challenges, including but not limited to addiction, depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and eating disorders.


Learn more on our Events page


Our Vision

A more connected, healthy and compassionate community.

With the aid of our herd of therapy horses, we offer groups for veterans & active service members, people in recovery from substance abuse, people with disabilities, the LBGTQ+ population, women impacted by breast cancer, trauma & abuse survivors, children with autism, underserved youth, and more. 

Horses, animals and nature, coupled with therapeutic expertise, makes what we do at Medicine Horse truly transformative.


Casey Jorden is accepting new clients

Casey Jorden, MSW, WSC, one of our Medicine Horse therapists, is accepting new individual clients and families. Casey enjoys working with children, teenagers and their families, as well as adults -- anyone who wants to work through some of life's difficulties so that they can find harmony in life and relationships or better understand behaviors that may be affecting their life will find working with Casey and the horses to be beneficial.

You can get to know Casey and their methods better on our Therapists page and contact them via email.


Our Values

To heal through connection:

At Medicine Horse, we believe that healing happens through relationships, and relationships begin with connection — to ourselves, our surroundings and others. The horses offer us a safe, forgiving, and non-judgmental place to experience the healing connection of relationship.

To transform:

At Medicine Horse, we believe that horses hold an ability to transform human lives for the better. When we listen, horses teach us to ground, to be present, and to connect. Working with our horses and therapists can lead to great personal insight and understanding.

To respect and honor the horse:

At Medicine Horse, we respect and honor the wisdom of the horse. We demonstrate this by making session interactions voluntary for our horses, and listening to and responding to their individual needs and requests.

To serve:

We serve diverse populations respecting the dignity and value of each individual.