Wholeness with Horses

Self-Discovery for Women
Impacted by Breast Cancer

A support group for women impacted by breast cancer, including those who have recently received a diagnosis, those undergoing treatment, and those who consider themselves survivors. 


Regardless of where she may be in the process, breast cancer changes a woman’s life. Even the strongest among us may encounter fears about the future, depression, anxiety, and struggle to feel whole and comfortable with her body again. Horses can help.

This program is free for particpants through grant funding; donations are always welcome and appreciated.


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I have the great pleasure and honor of referring patients, who are either currently undergoing or have undergone breast cancer treatment, to the Wholeness with Horses program at Medicine Horse. Horses and providers alike provide support and healing in a safe, non-judgmental manner.


The trauma that often comes with a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment is frequently under reported and much less frequently addressed. Medicine Horse manages to provide the much needed emotional healing that humans so often can’t provide on their own and the staff are skilled at connecting women and facilitating the healing that groups can do. This is one the few programs that women repeatedly ask, “When are they doing it again and how many times can I attend?" I sincerely hope Medicine Horse will be able to provide many programs in the future.

~Nanna Bo Christensen

  Oncology Nurse Navigator

  Boulder Health Center


9143 Valmont Road

Boulder, CO 80301

Email: info@medicinehorse.org

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