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Honoring Our Equine Partners: Join Us for the Unicorn Festival at Medicine Horse!

Written by Nicole Murray, SWC

If you’re here reading this post, we’re going to guess that you at least kind of like horses…

and we can’t blame you, we LOVE our horses!!! There is something uniquely powerful and meaningful about being in relationship with a horse. Those of us who care for and partner with them all have stories about how horses have impacted us on a deeply personal level. Something about their size, strength, and power, combined with their gentle, attentive nature is nothing short of magical. Even simply observing a happy horse can bring joy, wonder, and peace to the observer. While this looks different for each person, when a horse trusts you enough to let you into their space and their heart, it can feel like a fairytale.


Unfortunately, across modern human history, horses have often been used and perceived as beasts of burden—tools for pulling heavy loads, transportation, and entertainment, which has led to a lot of mistreatment and hardship for horses. Not only this, but wild horses face additional challenges as they are frequently rounded up and removed from their natural habitats, further contributing to their plight and the disruption of their ecosystems. Here at Medicine Horse, we reject this concept of using our horses as a means to an end. We value our horses as partners in the work that we do—they are not mirrors or tools to reflect what is happening for you, but rather they are unique, individual beings who have histories, preferences, and full, complex personalities. It is this that is the agent of change for our clients in doing the relational work we facilitate at Medicine Horse and our mission is dependent on the well-being of our horses.


Being good stewards for our equine partners means we pay attention to their needs and what they are communicating to us because ensuring their well-being goes far beyond providing food, water, and shelter. Horses are highly social animals who need companionship from other horses to feel safe and happy. They require space to move and novelty in their environment to enrich their bodies and minds. To be partners in therapy they need to feel comfortable and prepared to be around human clients and trust the human therapists to advocate for them so they can show up feeling safe and authentic. They need opportunities to decompress, rest, and relax which looks different for each horse just as it does for us humans. We take great care to honor our equine partners and their needs because we appreciate just how special they are and how much emotional labor goes into participating in therapy work. We trust that our community also wants what’s best for horses and feel passionate about sharing this value with everyone involved in our mission.


Medicine Horse invites you to celebrate our magical horses with an evening of horsie

activities at our Unicorn Festival on Sunday, July 21st from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. We will be offering a variety of horse-centered activities including a horse bingo scavenger hunt, horse oracle card readings, face painting, unicorn photo opportunities, and a unicorn parade with some of our equines dressed for the occasion! Tickets for the event are $25 for adults and free for children--larger donations are always appreciated and go right back to the horses and the program. Papa John’s will also be selling pizza by the slice at the event. This will be an excellent opportunity to visit the ranch, meet the equine and human therapy team, and celebrate the horses we love so well.


You may also want to consider sponsoring one of our animal therapists to help us support them and their needs. Check out our “Sponsor an Animal Therapist” page for more information on how you can become a monthly donor for as low as $5/month or make a one-time donation of any amount!

Help us support our herd and promote equine welfare by joining us on the 21st, we hope to see you there!


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