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Testimonials & Letters of Support

Personal stories are the most powerful and effective way to shape the social narrative, lift up fellow community members, and help Medicine Horse reach more people in need - here are some of the kind words people had to say!

Jennifer Davies

Fantastic group. Its a wonderful experience to work with the horses. Would be a great alternative for anyone reluctant to do traditional therapy. Very effective for healing. 🐎

Additionally, they took in and cared for extra animals during the recent fires. Community comes first!"

Deanna Scott

"Went to a breast cancer survivor 8 week healing with horses program. Highly recommend!!! Best counselors. Who knew horses could be so healing? I’d go back for any program they offer. Bummed I missed the fundraiser."

Group Participant - 2021

Breast cancer support groups are a dime a dozen. There are so many out there, but none offer the unique and fulfilling experience that Medicine Horse offered to me. When you are going through the ordeal of breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and the aftermath, you are living and breathing that everyday. Wholeness With Horses gave me the opportunity to escape that; to just be a regular person. To show up to a group where you do not need to explain yourself, where you are understood by other people in your situation, and where you are able to share an experience is empowering.

Collette Archibald, LCSW
Director of the Boulder Vet Center

Our veterans have found great benefit in being outside, slowing down, interacting with the horses and being present, as well as getting to know the equine therapists. This equine therapy group collaboration between our two agencies has afforded some of our nation’s veterans with an opportunity they would not otherwise have been able to experience, if not for the generosity

of Medicine Horse.

Medicine Horse, we thank you for finding a way to honor our nation’s veterans in a meaningful and heartfelt way.

Bridget Domenighini

My favorite thing about volunteering at Medicine Horse has been how accepting and kind the staff and other volunteers have been. I have very little horse experience, and everyone has been patient, encouraging, and super helpful, even allowing my kids to participate in feeding and socializing the goats and minis. I started out loving the horses, and that has grown into a connection with some wonderful people!

Makayla Quinonez
Retail Manager First Interstate Bank

Our team had a wonderful day volunteering with Medicine Horse. The staff was welcoming and engaging and they had a variety of projects for team members to pick from. It was great for us to get outside, be around the animals and support a wonderful community organization. I would definitely recommend a team volunteer day with Medicine Horse.

Letters of Support

"The highly structured, well-crafted, and professional therapeutic experience the staff at Medicine Horse brought to our students has been nothing short of life changing."

David Cavanaugh-Keyek

School Counselor; Main Street School

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