Parent support group

Facilitated by Nyle Biondi, MS LMFT and Alison McCabe

Ongoing, runs in 8 week cycles.

Investment: $485/participant.  Sliding scale and scholarships may be available.

This group is based on the belief that horses and kids require much of the same skill building in order to have a successful relationship.  Through partnering with horses, we will explore principles of relational parenting.  Participants will gain increased self-awareness, more self-regulation, and a sense of availability for connection.  The goal of the group is to facilitate your ability to inspire trust and confidence, which will help you and your kid/s find more peace and ease in your relationship.  

Contact Nyle Biondi for more information:


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The Functional Family Workshop

Date: Oct. 28, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Cost: $150 per family of 2-5 members

Limit: 3 families

A family workshop that is fun and informative. Using games, art and horses to reveal family styles of interaction, this workshop promises to teach communication techniques that insure everyone has a voice. Explore roles in the family and how they affect everyone. Make better choices about empowering one another and create a wheel that demonstrates where your family is compared to where they want to be. Set up a workable plan to achieve your goals.

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Self-care According to Horses:
Caregiver Retreat

Date: Saturday, November 4
Time: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Investment: $145 (Register before October 27 to save $20)

Take a day away from your caregiving commitments to give to yourself. Coaches Paula and Cathy will guide you through some self-exploration with the help of our healing horses and supportive group. This is a time to take a breath, reflect, laugh, and let go of some stress that, if you’re a caregiver, you might be feeling.

Click here for more information. Click here to register.

Contact: Paula Karen, 720-289-8443,



Traumatic brain Injury Group

This Therapeutic riding program is based on the latest
scientific research. Using Mindfulness practices on horseback and their connection with horses, participants will feel empowered in their
relationships and their lives by reconnecting with themselves
and others.

6 Mondays 2-4 p.m. starting 11/6/17

Cost: $90 per ride. No experience needed. Click here for more information.

Contact: Catherine Mathon, MA, Certified Riding Instructor Path Intl.



A Hero's Journey With Horses

Facilitated by Lauren Munger

Investment: $99

November 11,  9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This group is for kids ages 7-12

A Hero’s Journey With Horses is a workshop in self-discovery. Developed from years of studying horse behavior, in this workshop horses help humans discover their own heroic qualities and learn self-respect and respect for others.

The exercises in the workshop teach the participants about feelings and how to communicate effectively and contact with the horses offers loving support and how to be in the moment. The result is unequivocally that which inspires the human to believe in themselves.

This work is for all ages, for families, adolescents, teens and adults. It is beautifully orchestrated with group and individual exercises and interactions between the horses and the humans, all conducted on the ground. Tools are taught in the areas of leadership and communication and experiences are provided addressing fear and trust.  

A fun yet meaningful and often profound experience of oneself in relation to others, this workshop is a must for anyone who is seeking a better understanding of themselves and who has a desire to discover their very own Hero inside.

Contact Lauren Munger to sign up:

Facilitator's Training: June 2-4, 9am-5pm  

Learn to lead your own Hero's Journey With Horses.  This training is for those who want to work with youth and teens but need a program to get started. It comes with a Facilitator's Guide and 6 CD's to help participants lead a workshop after the extensive training weekend is completed. This is a great opportunity for retired school teachers or those on summer break, retired nurses, counselors or anyone else attracted to working with young people.

The workshop can be done with or without horses and both models will be addressed in the training. It is a proven method that has changed the lives of many children over the decades that it has been taught. This is a package that is easy to learn and easy to teach yet it is powerful and effective as a tool that builds confidence and self-esteem.

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Mother Daughter Retreat- September 16, 2017

If an entire day of (phone-free) FUN with your teen daughter sounds like heaven (and a great way to stay connected as the new school year gets rolling!), join us for a day of soul-nourishing mother-daughter bonding at a beautiful Boulder ranch. You’ll enjoy interactive activities with horses including a trust ride & unique partner yoga that will give you and your daughter new self- awareness and insight into your relationship.

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If you are you ready for a day with your daughter you’ll never forget, click the link to register now:

With love,
Brianna & Annette


Feed Your Soul Group

Nurture your soul & Nourish your body

Join us for 2 hours of therapeutic and nutritional guidance while we explore connection, self-care, and mindful eating. Each session will include meaningful interactions with horses, nutritional support, and group discussion.

 *Topics include (not limited to): body acceptance, connecting to senses, relationship with self & others, myths in the media, stories we tell ourselves.

The Feed Your Soul group will meet three times on Sunday's:
August 20th, 27th & Sept. 3rd from 10:30-12:30 p.m.

The group is designed to offer a balance of therapeutic opportunity and nutritional education and support for those wanting a healthier relationship with food, body and self. Each group will provide opportunities for skill-building and creating deeper send of connection and community so each participant walks away with a positive network of support as well as some new coping skills to help improve overall wellness.

Located in Boulder, Colorado, our Equine-assisted Support Group uses the nature and relationship with the horse to explore natural patterns of relating, handling of difficult situations, and problem solving skills.

The Group will be facilitated by Licensed Professional Counselor & Equine Specialist, Brianna Hammerman and Registered Dietician, Malia Dunn specializing in working with Eating Disorders.

The cost of this 3-session group will be $255 for the series. A payment plan of 3 payments of $85 is available if this feels like a more manageable option.
The space is limited to 8 participants to ensure that everyone in the group feels heard and has a meaningful experience.

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Register here:
Contact: Brianna Hammerman 303-910-0250


The HopeFoal Project™

The HopeFoal Project™ is designed to address issues of low self-esteem, depression and suicidal ideation in adolescents who live in our community.

These at-risk youth are paired with rescued foals, newly separated from their mothers, to provide a unique opportunity for personal growth. Giving the young adults the responsibility of "gentling and handling" the foals, who have had a rough start in life and need great amounts of love and kindness, helps provide them with a reason to live, thrive, and mature. Through this unique partnership, adolescents from the HopeFoal Project™ can learn to embrace life once again, while the foals flourish from their newfound trust in humans.

Next Group:

HopeFoal summer intensive

July 9-12, 2017, 9am-1pm

Facilitated by Brianna Hammerman, MA, LPC and Robyn Mourning 

This camp is for kids of any gender ages 14-17

Investment: $500 

Your teen would be great for this camp if:

  • They have been feeling overwhelmed by their anxiety or depression

  • They have been engaging in unsafe behaviors

  • They are struggling with peer relationships

Through experiential activities with other peers, horses and art-making, the benefits of this camp include:

  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Greater understanding of the impact of their choices

  • A sense of control over their anxiety and depression

  • Creating a sense of purpose in life

  • EMPOWERMENT AND CONNECTION (with self and others)!

Contact Brianna Hammerman for more information:


Therapeutic Equine Day Camps

Facilitated by Heather Gunther and Eve Ellis, MA LPC

Do you want to provide your children/teens with a memorable, fun and purposeful summer experience? These equine camps will provide boys and girls with 5 days of horsemanship skills tailored to enhance personal responsibility, self-esteem, listening skills, leadership, empowerment and much more. 

Kids Empowerment Camp

July 17th - 21st, 9am – 2pm

Investment: $500

This camp is for boys and girls 8-11-years-olds who want to feel more confident within themselves and socially with peers. Each day is very active, moving between grooming, group activities, horsemanship activities, and the occasional art project - like painting the horses! Through working with the horses daily, campers will learn how to take care of the horses and how to better take care of their bodies and emotions to develop greater independence and self-awareness.

Contact Heather Gunther to sign up:

Girls' Empowerment Camp

June 9th-11th & June 23rd-25th

In Girls' Empowerment Camp, we will be actively working on communication, empowerment, self-worth and self-regulation. The girls will be working with the horses each day to develop confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills. This camp will support your daughter’s belief in herself as she explores new skills for relationship, conflict and more. The days will be full of fun and meaningful activities that will help your daughter thrive. This camp is a great way to help your daughter prepare for the coming school year! This camp is for girls age 11-14.

Contact Heather Gunther to sign up:

Youth Summer Riding Camp

Led by Grace Baker

July 3-7, 9am-2pm

Investment: $300

Sign your kids ages 7+ up for a week of horsemanship and riding!  Grace has been teaching riding lessons for the past several years and is eager to offer her first camp this summer.  Camp will be  combination of beginning riding and horsemanship as well as some art projects and experiential activities with horses.  

Contact Grace to sign up:

Fearless Victory

Facilitated by Margot Neuman

Fearless Victory is a scientifically-sound, therapeutic program, employing practices of mindfulness to develop effective and readily available tools to work with post-traumatic stress and other military traumas. A collaboration between Veterans’ Peace of Mind Project and Medicine Horse, Fearless Victory offers an innovative therapeutic resource for veterans and their families. Many scientific studies at this point have verified the value of mindfulness for stress-reduction, emotional well-being, improved health, and other benefits. Learning to let go of afflictive emotions and obsessive thinking relaxes stress and invites a healthier, more joyful experience of life. How does mindfulness deal with aggressive, chaotic thoughts filled with hurt and drama, harsh memories, and overwhelmingly intense emotions? The simple practice of grounding oneself in the present moment using mindfulness techniques allows one to develop steadiness instead of reactivity, and to release the struggle with conflicted thoughts and feelings. By bringing the mind back to the breath in sitting meditation, rather than engaging and dwelling on a thought, particularly troubling thoughts, one short-circuits the chain reaction of escalation to painful emotions.  The thoughts become dis-empowered.  

Mindfulness is then brought into activity through observation of equine behavior, grooming, training, and riding horses. Because the horses are rescue horses, previously rounded up as Mustangs, they are themselves traumatized, hyper-vigilant, and easily frightened. By observation, participants can see the post-traumatic stress the horses manifest and learn the qualities that facilitate or allow them to settle down. 

The Fearless Victory program is offered free of charge to veterans and their families.  Each session includes a weekly meeting for eight weeks, mindfulness meditation instruction and practice, followed by equine activities. It also includes open discussion where veterans and their families can offer support to one another.

Contact Margot Neuman to get involved:



Through horse activities, creative expression and body movement, this EAP program addresses the psychological, emotional and social aspects of individuals with developmental disabilities. Through connection with horses and other participants, a good time will be had by all.  Medicine Horse Program partners with Imagine! to offer this program.

Next group TBD

Just Say Whoa

This group is geared toward teens who are repeat juvenile offenders or display behaviors such as truancy, substance abuse, anger management problems, depression and low self-esteem. Equine-assisted learning activities are utilized to develop communication skills and appropriate boundaries. Participants are encouraged to identify feelings and explore positive expression of emotions and needs, develop leadership skills and a sense of appreciation and empathy for themselves and others. Medicine Horse Program partners with group homes and alternative school programs to offer this ongoing program.