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Weld County Cancer Support Group for Spouse and Child

Introducing our newest one-time offering at Medicine Horse: the Weld County Cancer Support Program for Spouses and Children. Cancer doesn't just affect the individual diagnosed; it touches the lives of their entire family. Designed to provide tailored support, resources, and a nurturing community, this program welcomes spouses and children impacted by cancer to come together in a safe and understanding environment. 

Through shared experiences, guided discussions, and interactions with our gentle horse herd, participants can find solace, strength, and healing. Whether seeking emotional support, coping strategies, or simply a space to connect with others on a similar journey, this 6-week program offers a beacon of hope and resilience for families navigating the challenges of cancer. Join us as we journey together towards healing and wholeness.

Dates to Come!

Weld County Cancer Support Group for Spouse and Child
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