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Weld County Cancer Support Group

Registration for Session 2 is currently open ONLY to Weld County Residents.

This is a support group for adults who are impacted by cancer, including those who have recently received a diagnosis, those who are undergoing treatment, and those who consider themselves survivors. 


Regardless of where you may be in the process, cancer changes an individual's life. Being able to share your experiences with others who understand, finding a community, and connecting with each other as well as the horse herd can help aid in the processing of those life changes. Through our six weeks together, the horses offer their presence, support, care, and sensitivity. The herd allows each participant a chance to create a healing and authentic relationship as well as support each other on your journey to wholeness.

This program is funded through a generous grant from the Weld Trust

and is provided at no cost to participants. Donations are always welcome

and appreciated.


Session 1: Registration Closed

Session 2: April 4 - May 9 (Thursday 10-12 pm) (registration open!)

Session 3: May 23 - June 27 (Thursday 10-12 pm)

Session 4: July 11 - Aug 15 (Thursday 10-12 pm)

Session 5: Aug 29 - Oct 3 (Thursday 10-12 pm)

Session 6: Oct 17 - Nov 21 (Thursday 10-12 pm)

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Weld County Cancer Support Group
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