Our Mission

Medicine Horse Program enhances the mental health and life skills of youth, adults, families, and groups through therapeutic interaction with horses.

Medicine Horse Program is a 501c3 non-profit organization, based in Boulder, Colorado, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of adolescents, adults and families through unique equine-assisted experiences. We provide group and individual therapy sessions that focus on healing.

Our services aim to meet the particular needs of low-income individuals referred to us by local city and county agencies. Vulnerable youth populations are an emphasis at Medicine Horse Program. In addition to offering programs for at-risk youth, Medicine Horse Program also provides individual, family, and group therapy for many populations and needs.  Our talented group of therapists offer services for LGBTQ people, veterans, grief groups, eating disorders, people who have experienced trauma, and more.

Medicine Horse Program thrives with the help of a dedicated staff, board of directors and numerous enthusiastic volunteers. Contact us about participating in our therapy programs or becoming a volunteer!

We say a horse is like a mirror, reflecting our thoughts and feelings. If we’re happy, or we’re scared, they sense it. While this reflection is certainly true, a horse can be much more than a mirror. A horse often shows me what I do not see. Working with horses, they can offer us a picture of our true nature, revealing characteristics and qualities in us that we didn’t even realize existed.
— Karolyn A. Gazella, former ED of Medicine Horse Program

Core Values & Beliefs:

  • Healing: Medicine Horse Program is a space where healing takes place.
  • Respect and Honor: We treat our horses, our volunteers, and the environment with respect and honor.
  • Safety: A physically and emotionally safe environment is paramount.
  • Relationships: Building relationships is essential—relationships between each other and with horses.
  • Value and Gifts: Every being has value and gifts to share.
  • Responsibility: We take personal responsibility for our actions, feelings, and words.
  • Collaboration: Medicine Horse Program is about collaboration—not competition.