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Individual equine assisted psychotherapy session.


It takes a dedicated team to help ensure the continuing success of Medicine Horse. These individuals continue to offer their time and energy to help take Medicine Horse to the next level.

Tara Thorpe


She | Her | Hers

As an intern therapist with Medicine Horse, Tara is excited and grateful for an opportunity to facilitate healing and well-being through nature, horses, humor, and unconditional positive regard.


Tara grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, spending the majority of her time outside either exploring with a dog or caring for and riding horses. This time outside caring for horses eventually led to a professional equestrian career for Tara in her adult life. During this time, Tara witnessed the power of horses in supporting humans to grow, gain insight, and live in the present moment. Her experience of horses’ immense empathy combined with her deep desire to be of service, inspired Tara to pursue the path of a nature-based, equine-partnered therapist in the present day.  

Tara is highly interested in the therapeutic implications of interpersonal neurobiology, specifically the potential for co-regulation in equine-facilitated work to benefit those who have experienced trauma. Overall, Tara approaches her practice with gentle curiosity and compassion, inviting a co-creation of a non-judgmental, safe space through the exploration of experience in the present moment.   ​

When not at Medicine Horse, Tara can be found adventuring in nature with her partner and two dogs. 

She | Her | Hers
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