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Individual equine assisted psychotherapy session.


It takes a dedicated team to help ensure the continuing success of Medicine Horse. These individuals continue to offer their time and energy to help take Medicine Horse to the next level.

Sarah Nicholson


She | Her | Hers

Sarah is a graduate of Naropa University where she studied Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling. She completed a yearlong internship here at Medicine Horse where she learned a variety of equine therapeutic approaches.


Sarah knows that navigating our lives can be incredibly challenging and sometimes we just need support while we’re figuring it out. She holds the belief that when we have a history of trauma things like relationships can become confusing and hard to understand. They might even feel unsafe. And when we don’t have a strong connection with ourselves, connecting with others can feel overwhelming. We might lose ourselves in someone else, or we might experience the push and pull of wanting to be close, but not knowing how.


Together with the herd, you will have the opportunity to explore behaviors, patterns, and long-held beliefs in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Sarah knows firsthand that there is freedom and wholeness on the other side of deep personal work and examination of relationships. She offers a compassionate, embodied, and direct approach as well as a deep respect for all the horses have to offer us.



She | Her | Hers
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