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Individual equine assisted psychotherapy session.


It takes a dedicated team to help ensure the continuing success of Medicine Horse. These individuals continue to offer their time and energy to help take Medicine Horse to the next level.

Keegan Meadows

Masters of Professional Counseling Student
Naropa University

Therapy Intern

He | Him | His

Keegan is a third-year graduate student at Naropa University concentrating in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling. Prior to attending Naropa, Keegan lived on the Central Coast of California, where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. During this time, he actively engaged in LGBTQ+ advocacy, focusing on creating safe and supportive spaces for transgender youth. He loves working with folks experiencing or embarking on major life transitions, whether exploring their gender and sexuality, undergoing career changes, or navigating shifts in family structures.

Keegan has found immense healing through connecting with the natural world, especially through building close relationships with the incredible four-legged beings that walk alongside us. The natural world continually reminds him that each person is perfectly unique, and the authentic expressions of self often do not fit into societally contrived binaries. He trusts in the inherent wisdom of the natural world and his clients. He also believes that meaning emerges through our interactions with each other, the animals, and the process. Therefore, he provides a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive therapeutic container where his clients can explore the truest parts of who they are.

By engaging with individuals through a transpersonal lens, he acknowledges the innate strength and resilience his clients already possess. His approach is deeply rooted in humanistic and person-centered principles, with an emphasis on attachment. He is excited to partner with his clients, offering support and guidance as they navigate their unique healing journeys. His goal is to create a collaborative environment where clients feel empowered to explore their inner worlds and uncover their potential for growth and transformation. 

Therapy Intern
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