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Individual equine assisted psychotherapy session.


It takes a dedicated team to help ensure the continuing success of Medicine Horse. These individuals continue to offer their time and energy to help take Medicine Horse to the next level.

Alison McCabe

Hon. B.A, B.Ed., GEP, M.S.

She | Her | Hers

Alison McCabe is a Licensed Professional Counselor and certified Gestalt Equine Psychotherapist. She has over ten years of working with teens in residential treatment, their families, and individuals. She offers equine sessions for individuals, couples, and families that are struggling with relationships, self-confidence, compulsive or addictive behaviors and patterns, chronic health issues, trauma, and parent-child conflicts. She and the horses work together to bring unconscious patterns and beliefs to awareness, create a more compassionate and empowered relationship to those patterns, and learn to move with and through the blocks that are held in the body and the mind. She offers a loving, humorous, and emphatic presence, as well as a deep love and respect for what the horses have to offer.



She | Her | Hers
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