Medicine Horse’s Rescue Project

At Medicine Horse we are committed to helping humans and horses. This includes rescuing horses when funding allows. 

"The Mustang Project's" mission is to rescue, gentle, start, and rehome "high-risk" mustangs. These are generally feral horses that are at high risk of slaughter, typically with kill buyer pick-ups scheduled or considered imminent.

We will take up to 4 mustangs, at any one time, provided we can raise sufficient funds. These horses will stay with us until they are trained, safe and mentally ready for rehoming with approved adopters. We intend to take mustangs that have very low potential for adoption elsewhere. These horses are usually older, having spent more time wild and learning behavior like fight and flight, they therefore typically require longer and more skilled training approaches. Unlike other rescue facilities, Medicine Horse has staff experienced in gentling adult feral mustangs. As a result, we believe we can support these horses to transition from the wild and flourish in future, loving homes.

The Spanish Mustangs

There is an effort underway to help save and find homes for 150 Spanish Mustangs (two of which are coming to MHP this week!). These are direct descendants of the Spanish Conquistador horses originating from the Iberian peninsula, of which few remain, and the first horses native to this land. Of these 150 horses, 40 remain at risk, without adopters, sanctuaries, or fosters yet committed. These horses -- 20 adults and 20 babies -- are scheduled to ship to slaughter late October 2018.  

Medicine Horse has stepped in to save two of these amazing beings. To fully honor our commitment to these horses, we are fundraising for their ongoing care while they are gentled, gelded and until they are ready to be homed.

Unlike the wild mustangs most know today, which are largely a mix of other breeds intermingled, these horses’ ancestry dates back to the first horses to travel this terrain. They were intentionally rendered nearly extinct by the turn of the century, however, as their endurance and hardiness were difficult to for future colonizing mounts to match. They are known for being unusually intelligent horses and bonding deeply with their people. 

The Devils Garden Mustangs

These horses are currently being gathered by forest services from the Modoc National Forest. Unlike BLM managed feral horses, forest services provides fewer protections for these wild and gathered horses. While no horse can be legally sold directly from a government agency to kill buyers, the forced expedited sale of these horses, the permitted purchasing of large numbers of horses on a regular basis, and their sale at well under meat market values, guarantees that many if not most will end up in kill buyers lots. It is estimated that upwards of 300 will ship to slaughter before the end of the year. MHP is therefore committed to saving at least two of these horses.

Feral horses 10 years or older are typically adopted at lower rates due to the additional time, expertise and expense associated with their gentling. As forest services has assigned all horses at or over this age to these drastic sales terms, we will adopt horses from this feral group of highly at risk mustangs. 


If you would like to donate directly to MHP for their costs, please donate here.

Where Does Your Donation Go?
  • Travel costs to transport horses to Medicine Horse

  • Veterinary care including gelding, vaccinations, deworming and parasite removal, ulcer treatment, etc 

  • Feeding, hay and grain

  • Boarding and training

  • Farrier care

Donations ensure these horses get the physical care they require and the support they need to successfully transition into the next loving stage of their lives. 

How to Help Us Save and Train These Horses

If you are interested in supporting The Mustang Project contact Tabitha Farrar at or donate here.

You can also sponsor a mustang.


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