Tabitha and Holden

Tabitha and Holden

Natalie and Prince

Natalie and Prince

Tabitha Farrar - Executive Director

Contact: for boarding, horse training, and horse rescue questions at Medicine Horse Program.

Why I love horses: I’ve absolutely no idea! I was horse obsessed since birth. Neither of my parents are “horsey” but I was very singly-focused on horses being my path in life from a very early age.

Why MHP rocks: MHP allows people who don’t usually have access to horses - or even know that they need it - to get that healing horse interaction. We also serve the horses really mindfully at the same time. Other than what we do here functionally, I love the space we hold in that everyone is treated equally and respectfully.

Favorite horse: All of them. But probably Holden.

Favorite horse movie: Black Stallion 

What I do when I am not at MHP: I work as an eating disorder recovery coach.

Natalie Longhini - Development Director

Former ski instructor and HR professional, as well as working for MHP, Natalie has her own equine facilitated training business:

Why I love horses: I have loved horses as long as I can remember (my parents can verify my obsession), I don’t know where it came from because I didn’t have exposure to them except at the occasional State Fair, until I bought my first Arab in high school. But my passion for horses has continued into adulthood.  Today, I can say that I love horses because they make me laugh (especially when I don’t want to) and they make me slow down when I’m in a rush and they make me appreciate the moment we’re currently experiencing.  All of those things are priceless.

Why MHP rocks: MHP is a very special place (I’d say sacred), the horses, the volunteers, the human therapists, the donors & supporters are all unsurpassed. There’s a drive and passion for what we’re doing to help others and to be the leaders in our field.  I’m honored to be part of such an esteemed group.

Favorite horse: My favorite Horse (mine - Prince) but my favorite MHP horse is Frankie. He’s got dreamy blue eyes & is the strong, sensitive type.  (His mane & tale are too luscious to pass up) 

Favorite horse movie: I guess War Horse is my favorite horse movie because it shows the bond of horse & human - against all odds. 

What I do when I am not at MHP: When I’m not at MHP I’m with my hubby playing & hiking (or snowshoeing) with our 2 rescue dogs in Nederland where we live, laughing with my friends & family (preferably with a nice glass of wine in hand) and traveling the world to explore new places.  I am very blessed to have so much joy in my life. 

Nikki and Nitro

Nikki and Nitro

Nikki Hodgson - Volunteer Coordinator

Why I love horses: When I'm working with a horse, I'm not thinking about anything else. I'm focused on my body and the horse's body and whatever connection is (or isn't) happening. Horses force me into the present moment in a way that nothing else really does. They're my meditation. They give me a space to become aware of what I'm feeling, physically and mentally, and that's incredibly liberating. When I'm on the back of a horse, I feel connected to myself and everything around me. And that feels like freedom and bravery and happiness all rolled into one. Plus they have soft noses and cuddly faces and they make me laugh.

Why MHP rocks: This place is a sanctuary for horses and humans. It's a place of healing and support and the sense of community that fosters is really powerful. I love being a part of it, whether mucking stalls or renovating barns or helping support our therapists as a horse handler in group therapy. I find a tremendous amount of inspiration and peace in just being here. 

Favorite horse: Ok, don't tell Nitro, but...I'm pretty obsessed with Pixie the donkey. 

Favorite horse movie: Hidalgo

What I do when I am not at MHP: My day job is at Outdoor Industry Association working to ensure outdoor products like skis, climbing equipment, and your favorite down jacket are made in the most environmentally and socially responsible way possible. If I'm not at my desk or at the barn, you'll find me climbing up mountains and skiing down them. 

Nancy and Silver

Nancy and Silver


Nancy Hoopes - Treasurer

Why I love horses: Horses are such beautiful creatures.  When I'm around them, I feel a powerful, emotional connection that calms my soul.  Riding is the ultimate escapism, especially on the property with the mountains in the west, the pastures and the farms that you can see around us.

Why MHP rocks:  I love the teamwork involved in making sure that the horses are cared for and our programs are available to many people who are in need. I also don't have to pay to join a gym because I get free workouts mucking stalls!

Favorite horse: Silverwood!

Favorite horse movie: Seabiscuit

What I do when I am not at MHP: Work remotely from my home for a company that matches virtual assistants with entrepreneurs, and think about how I can shorten my hours to get back out to MHP.

Gabrielle Fick - Social media coordinator

Why I love horses: Horses have the incredible ability to see into your soul; they understand pain and are able to heal through their warm nature. In times of joy, they're right there next to you. Horses don't give unwarranted advice or judgement, they simply listen. 

Why MHP rocks: We create a safe, inviting space for everyone.  No one is excluded. We try to make everyone feel at home and in times of difficulty, MHP is always here.

Favorite horse: Parome

Favorite horse movie: Spirit - it's a classic.

What I do when I am not at MHP: I am currently a senior at CU Boulder and I study advertising and Greek classical studies. In my free time I love to travel, spend time outdoors and enjoy great food (I'm a huge foodie!) and wine. I have been an equestrian competing on and off since I was 7 and I love the opportunity combine my love of horses with my passion for helping people.

Devin Waugh - Barn Manager