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At Medicine Horse, the horses are the stars! Our therapy horses come from all walks of life and many of them we have rescued and rehabilitated. Each horse has an individual personality, strength, opinion and preferences: Mack is a big laid-back fellow, Nitro is a wizard at gate-opening, and Prince prefers you scratch the inside of his ears.


They assist our therapists and allow us to provide a therapeutic experience unparalleled by talk therapy alone. Horses can teach self-awareness, emotional resilience and agility, social intelligence, leadership, and relationship skills with self and others. Somatic experiencing -- such as working with horses in nature -- is a unique and effective therapy treatment, especially for those who need an alternative to traditional talk therapy. Horses save lives.


We invite you to support our programs and scholarships by supporting our horses. Our therapy horses come from all walks of life and many of them are horses that we have rescued and rehabilitated. Each horse has an individual personality, strength, opinion and preferences: Mack is a big laid-back fellow, Nitro is a wizard at gate-opening, and Prince prefers you scratch the inside of his ears.


With our Sponsor a Therapy Horse program, you can choose which horse to sponsor and at which level.

Walk support level is $1.64/day ($600/year)

Trot support level is $3.29/day ($1,200/yr)

Gallop support level is $8.22/day ($3,000/yr)

Chariot support level is $16.43/day ($6,000/yr)

We also welcome one-time donations to sponsor the horse of your choice!




$50 / month

Allows your equid to help 12 individuals a year



$100 / month

Allows your equid to help 24 individuals a year



$250 / month

Allows your equid participate in a full 6-week

session for one of our youth programs



$500 / month

Allows your equid to participate in a full 8-week

session of our veterans program

Medicine Horse respectfully requests a 12 month

minimum commitment from monthly sponsors



Frameable Certificate 



Frameable certificate & twice-yearly updates on your equid 



Frameable certificate, twice-yearly updates on your equid

& logo baseball cap



Frameable certificate, twice-yearly updates on your equid, logo baseball cap & end of year appreciation gift

Medicine Horse respectfully requests a 12 month

minimum commitment from monthly sponsors


Can I visit the horse/mini I sponsor?

As a treatment facility and due to the sensitive nature of the work we do on-site, we are unable to allow individual visitation. You will be notified when an annual Meet & Greet is scheduled for those who are generously sponsoring a therapy horse.

What happens if my horse/mini leaves Medicine Horse?

We will contact you and help you determine another horse that resonates with you.

Can I give a sponsorship as a gift or memorial?

Yes! Use the "Comments" section on the donation form to give us the contact details for the recipient and we will send them the sponsorship welcome information along with the associated tier gifts.

Can I sponsor more than one horse?

Yes! There's no limit!



Breed : Gypsy Vanner


Background : Frankie is named after Frank Sinatra because of his big starling blue eyes hiding under his beautiful white bangs. He was donated to Medicine Horse as a young colt and is a very experienced therapy horse.


Personality : Frankie is friendly, calm and solid with a great sense of humor.


Fun facts : Frankie lets his bottom lip hang down and you can’t help but be charmed by his silly smile and he rarely complains about any extra attention should you find yourself braiding his long flowing mane.



Breed : Welsh Cob

Background : Rowan came to Colorado in 2016. His registered name is Radio Flyer but since he is Welsh and red, his owners named him Rowan which means “little red-haired one” in Celtic. 


Personality : Rowan may not be the tallest horse in the pasture but he has a big horse personality. He is very social and extremely smart, with lots of chrome (white markings) on his legs and face. We could spend the entire day learning about him and herd dynamics by watching Rowan interact with his pasture buddies.


Fun facts :  He is not a big fan of getting his spring/fall shots from the vet; but soothing words and gentle scratches help.



Breed : Miniature Horse


Background : Sadie used to be a regular visitor to nursing homes where her small size and temperament made her perfect for going inside to meet people who were unable to go outside due to physical limitations.


Personality : Sadie is very sweet and usually the first to greet anyone. She is wonderful at giving confidence to people who are new to horses.


Fun facts : Sadie loves to have her tummy rubbed and will do just about anything to get one! She and Ellie, the other mini-horse, have lived together the majority of their lives and both have lived a life of service as therapy horses.



Breed : Miniature Horse

Background : Ellie and Sadie have lived together most of their lives and have been in service as therapy horses. 


Personality : Ellie warms up to people quickly. She is used to working with people with disabilities and prefers when people are calm and quiet around her so she can get settled in and get to know them better.


Fun facts : Ellie and Sadie have lived together the majority of their lives and Ellie is not happy to spend time long periods of time apart from her best buddy.


Lisa Tretout-Rogers is a clinical psychotherapist who works with children with Asperger's syndrome. As part of her practice, she would visit Medicine Horse with clients for sessions to work on emotional dysregulation. One boy in particular stuck out for Lisa. Sam* would act on feelings of disempowerment by bullying other kids. 


Over a series of sessions, Sam, with the help of a Medicine Horse equine therapist, worked his way up from the minis to a larger horse. At first, it was not unusual for Sam to yell at other kids getting too close to him, but in the presence of the large horse, he stopped himself. He admitted to Lisa that "the big horse was scary," and at first, there was hesitancy on both Sam and the horse's part in their interactions. They were nervous of one another. But over several sessions, the two were able to build trust, and Sam was able to moderate his behavior. 


Equine therapy has been an important and integral part of Lisa's work with children. Horses are intuitive, honest and responsive. As herd animals, they are highly social and empathic, relying on their relationships with one another for comfort, safety, and survival.  As prey animals, they are extremely sensitive to their physical and energetic environment. All this makes horses exceptional therapy partners.

* 'Sam' is a pseudonym


Breed : Tennessee Walking Horse


Background : Prince was rescued from Arkansas by Next Step Rescue in Calhan, CO when he was 9. He was a bit on the thin side but has now filled out, is full bodied and healthy as a…well, the horse he is! He has a big stride and a comfortable fast walk that is unique to “gaited” horses.


Personality : Prince lives up to his name and will charm you with his calm personality and kind nature. He takes time to get to know everyone and is curious about new people.


Fun facts : He loves to have the inside of his ears gently rubbed to get at those itchy spots.



Breed : Miniature Donkey


Background : Frank was a feral donkey rescued by C.H.E.E.R. (Colorado Horse Education and Equine Rescue) in Brighton, CO. He came to Medicine Horse with his buddy, Bean, in October 2019. 


Personality : Frank was a bit on the shy side and uncertain when he first arrived, but has blossomed into an animal that enjoys therapy work and is a favorite for those who prefer to work with smaller animals.


Fun facts : Frank is happy-go-lucky and loves pets and snuggles! There is some discussion (unbeknownst to him) about getting Frank and Bean involved in donkey racing.



Breed : Miniature Donkey

Background : Bean was rescued at the same time as his pal, Frank, by C.H.E.E.R. (Colorado Horse Education and Equine Rescue). He was feral and living alone in a field until he came to Medicine Horse in October 2019.

Personality : Bean was exceptionally shy and nervous when he first arrived at Medicine Horse but he has settled in to his new home and is now calm and happy.

Fun facts : Bean enjoys playing with his BFF Frank and getting gentle scratches from everyone at the barn. He is quite vocal and has a unique bray that he makes sure we can all hear! He, like Frank, may be participating in donkey races soon.



Breed : Paint - Quarter Horse cross


Background : Rose moved from Illinois to Colorado in the fall of 2018 and now enjoys living in our lovely state as a participant at Medicine Horse.


Personality : Rose is a sweet lady with lots of natural curiosity.  She's also smart and willing to try new things, even if she's a bit nervous.  Rose is a very social mare and she likes to be with her herd mates when out on the trail or in the barn.   We think that her markings are unique and very pretty, just as you'd expect a rose to be.


Fun facts : Rose is the first in line anytime treats are involved!



Breed : Haflinger


Background : Nitro was born and raised in Colorado and has been with Medicine Horse since he was a foal.


Personality : Nitro is very curious, loves people and loves snacks even more! He has a big heart and strong will and puts a smile on everyone’s faces.


Fun facts : This sometimes mischievous horse’s nickname around the barn is “Houdini” because he is very talented at opening doors and gates.


We do our best to keep our expenses down, but the simple fact is that horses are expensive. The average cost of horse ownership in Colorado is between $10,015 – $14,000 per horse per year. 

As a nonprofit, Medicine Horse offers free group programs, such as Operation Be Herd, Giddy Up, and Rainbow Wranglers, in addition to several scholarships for individual equine therapy throughout the year, to support those in our community who wouldn’t otherwise have access to this form of therapy.  Our generous supporters give us the ability to provide this help to our community. 


This is why we need you!



Breed : Quarter Horse


Background : Jupiter's owner’s lifelong wish was to own a horse and he has been with her for 20 years. Jupiter helped his owner accomplish her dream to participate in the Queen's Program for the Rooftop Rodeo in Estes Park and worked in rodeos for 7 years.


Personality : Jupiter has been classically trained as a western show horse and is very sweet and gentle. He absolutely loves attention from all humans and is an eager therapist to help clients in search of mindfulness.  His kind eyes and willingness to participate will tug on your heartstrings!

Fun facts : Jupiter has impressive bloodlines and his registered name is "On the Guest List".  



Breed : Draft - Quarter Horse cross

Background : Amos used to be an Amish working horse in Pennsylvania, plowing fields and pulling a carriage. He later came to Colorado where he joined the Fantasy Ranch in Crested Butte as a trail horse. After dutifully climbing mountains to show ranch guests the beautiful vistas, Amos found his way to private ownership and a slower pace in Boulder and at Medicine Horse.


Personality : Along with his big size, Amos has a big talent for connecting with and healing humans through his gentle nature.


Fun facts : Amos is known for being a gentle giant.



Breed : American Showhorse (half Arabian and half Saddlebred)

Background : Cinco was born and raised in Boulder. He has been with his lovely owner, Jane, since 2016. His registered name is Bravo Bravo but he is called Cinco because he was born on Cinco de Mayo.


Personality : Cinco is curious and easy going. He loves to meet and engage with all kinds of people. He loves to be scratched on the top of his head and have his face gently stroked.

Fun fact : American Showhorses were established as a separate breed in August 1981 which makes them a newer breed than many others.



Breed : Quarter Horse

Background : Mack was born in 2007 and hails from Red Feather Lakes, Colorado where he was a trail horse at Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch.  This gelding is strong enough to work with our veteran groups and gentle enough to work with our youngest kiddos and everyone in between.


Personality : Mack has oodles of patience and is willing to go wherever you want to lead him. He's a soft, gentle, big boy and has a special knack of putting everyone at ease.

Fun fact : When we first met him, he walked himself (no human help), into his barn and backed into the area where we put on his halter ... he's that smart and keen to participate!