Sponsor a Horse

You can sponsor a horse for as little as $50 a month!

Sponsor a horse and help Medicine Horse Program provide a much needed service.

The horses at Medicine Horse Program provide invaluable services to our clients and community. Sponsoring a horse is your opportunity to give back to the horses who give so much, and be part of a core team of people contributing to horse wellbeing. Sponsors are a very important and welcome part of the Medicine Horse Program community. Sponsors who give at least $50 per month for one full year get special visiting opportunities so that you can get to know and love your sponsored horse.

Sponsorships make great gifts to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions.

Please note that in order to become a horse’s sponsor, we ask that you commit to at least 12 months sponsorship. If you cannot do this, you are welcome to make a one-time or monthly donation.


  • Horse sponsor certificate and welcome package (makes a great gift!)

  • Visitation days so you can get to know your sponsored horse in person

  • Regular updates about your sponsored horse via email

Frankie: sponsor Frankie!

Frankie is named for Frank Sinatra and when you see his starling blue eyes you'll see why. Frankie is a gypsy pony who was donated as a young colt to our program. Gypsy ponies are draft ponies, bred for pulling carts. Frankie's long mane begs to to be braided and he rarely complains about the extra attention. You must check out his smile; he lets his bottom lip hang down and it looks so silly. He is solid, friendly, calm, and has a great sense of humor!  

Victor: sponsor Victor!

In March of 2017, we welcomed Victor to our herd! Victor is a 16yr old Andalusian who has been an upper level dressage and trail horse.  The dressage work is a little to much for him now, but he still loves to be with people and be ridden.  He practically prefers people to horses, and loves attention!  He senses people and connects with them very well, expresses himself but is calm and happy to let people crawl on him bareback. 

Commander: sponsor Commander!

Commander is an 18 year old Tennessee Walking Horse. He does not trot, but moves along a continuum of walks, dog walk, flat walk and running walk. He loves to play in water, to roll and splash, and loves to be groomed. He also likes a brisk walk along the trails, but he has his name for a reason--the other horses will need to hurry to keep up.

Holden head.jpg

Holden: sponsor Holden!

Holden is an Off Track Thoroughbred who was rescued from a kill pen in November 2017. He was very emaciated and took a while to become nutritionally and psychologically rehabilitated. Now, fully well again, he enjoys trail riding and is a very friendly and inquisitive horse. After all Holden has been though we are happy to have him safe and well at Medicine Horse

sweetpea and jeffery .jpg

Sweetpea and Jeffery: Sponsor Sweetpea and Jeffery

Sweetpea and Jeffery are our Shire mare and foal. Did you know that Shire horses are considered an endangered breed, and are on the critical list of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy?

Sweetpea is 17.3hh and 10 years old. Jeffery is very bold and curious. They had a long journey to get to Medicine Horse, but have settled in well. 


Our Rescue Mustang - Milagro: Sponsor Milagro

Milagro came to use as an ungentled, untouched, 3 year old stallion. He has been gentled, and is currently in the process of further training in preparation for backing. By sponsoring Milagro, you will be helping us continue his education, training, and healthcare. You will also be helping us save funds so that we can rescue more mustangs in need.


Silverwood: sponsor Silver!

Silver is an Off Track Thoroughbred gelding who spent his first six years as a racehorse, winning several events, and (thankfully) retiring without injury or incident. Despite his history as a racehorse, Silver is a calm and willing horse, but he still manages to find opportunities to let his inner foal out!


Prince: sponsor Prince!

Prince is a colorful spotted Tennessee Walking Horse and an easygoing guy who is friendly with everyone in the herd. He is gaited, which means he is a smooth ride and loves to go out trail riding with Holden and Silverwood.


Spirit: sponsor Spirit!

Spirit is an arab cross in his mid-teens. He can be a little anxious, but calms down nicely when he feels safe and secure. His sensitive nature is one of the things that makes Spirit such a great therapy horse. If you are nervous, he is nervous. If you are calm, he is calm.


Mischief: sponsor Mischief!

Mischief is an affectionate palomino Quarter Horse mare.She makes a great program horse because she doesn't hesitate to express her opinionShe loves trail riding in the mountains and eating treats!

Sadie: sponsor Sadie!

Sadie loves to have her tummy rubbed and is usually the first to greet anyone. In fact she will do just about anything for a tummy rub! She is wonderful at giving confidence to people who are new to horses.

Before she came to MHP, Sadie was a regular visitor at nursing homes, where she would make many people very happy. Due to her small size, she was perfect for being a horse that was little enough to go inside and meet people who were unable to come outside for physical disability reasons. 

Ellie: sponsor Ellie!

Ellie warms up to new people quickly. She is used to working with people with disabilities and prefers it when people are calm and quiet around her so that she can settle in and get to know them.

Ellie and Sadie have lived together for the majority of their lives. They are both older and in their 20s and have had a life of service as therapy horses.