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A half-day workshop designed for first responders and frontline healthcare workers to come together and focus on healing themselves.  It’s no surprise that those who take care of us typically live in the fight-or-flight response area of their brain and have a tough time decompressing.

During this retreat workshop, you’ll have an opportunity to relax, release tension, and find the space to process the overwhelming emotions from taking care of the critically ill or injured.

Takeaways you can expect:


  • Enhanced mindfulness and meditation practices

  • Learning how to connect with your body and grounding

  • Enhanced teamwork and healthy communication skills

  • Developing awareness around energy and how it affects horses and humans

  • Applying basic principles of horse behavior to your day to day

This program is funded through grants and offered at no cost to participants. Donations are always welcome and appreciated.

No sessions are scheduled at this time. Check back soon for updates or subscribe to our newsletter to be among the first to know when new groups are scheduled.​

Horses for Heroes

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