Our Signature Programs

The horse is an intuitive, honest, and responsive being. Because horse herds closely resemble the family system, our interactions with horses can lead to awareness of how we relate to ourselves and others. Each horse’s distinct personality may remind you of someone you know, eliciting emotions and behaviors that can be processed in a safe and non-judgmental way.  

New insights, skills, and successes developed with the horses transfers to each participant's everyday life. Medicine Horse Program provides a fun, challenging and unique environment in which human growth, healing and potential may be achieved.



This group is geared toward teens who are struggling with behaviors such as truancy, substance abuse, emotion regulation, and low self-esteem. Equine-assisted psychotherapy activities are utilized to develop communication skills, increase emotional self-awareness, build connections and learn boundary setting. Participants are encouraged to identify feelings and explore positive expression of emotions and needs, develop leadership skills and a sense of appreciation and empathy for themselves and others.


This group is for participants who are questioning their gender. This group is open to anyone between the ages of 9 and 18.


This summer, Medicine Horse Program is excited to offer an eight-week group for LGBTQIA young adults looking to deepen their connection to themselves and others. This group is designed to help participants learn to identify and regulate their emotions and connect to themselves, others, and the world around them. These skills are designed to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety in addition to creating a deeper community connection. 

Working with horses and nature provides a unique insight into our social and emotional challenges.  Horses are excellent at teaching people self-awareness and connection in an honest and non-judgmental way.


Operation Be Herd partners with horses to bring a unique approach to emotional and relationship healing. Observing and interacting with horses, we develop insights into concepts such as how to decrease our reactivity, increase our presence and focus, and how to be with difficult and overwhelming emotional experiences. Working with horses, we engage in activities that teach mindfulness, regulation, and healthy communication. Learning from the herd, we can connect as a group to create a community that promotes growth, learning, and a sense of inner calm.


Medicine Horse is offering a program for women impacted by breast cancer who have completed physical treatment and are ready for the next stage of healing.

No matter where we are in the process, breast cancer changes lives.   At some point, we all may encounter:

  • Fear 

  • Grief

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Decline in self-esteem   

We wonder what happened to the person we were before becoming a patient and even after treatment, we may struggle to feel whole and comfortable again in our bodies.