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Grade Horse

Rory was rescued from the Centennial Livestock Auction by Believe Ranch and Rescue in Summer 2022. He showed up thin and was immediately a sponge for attention. He has two brands from a ranch in Wyoming, where he might have been a trail horse or ranch horse. He's very happy to have a new job that lets him build connections with people, and a new home where he can roam the fields, munch on hay to his heart's content, and meet new friends, both human and horse.

Rory is a polite guy and is likely to greet you with a whinny hello. He is alert and attentive but not spooky, he loves learning new things, and is more "woah" than "go". He can be a stereotypically stubborn redhead, but is also as kind a guy as you would ever want to meet.

Rory loves a good roll in the sand, snow, or grass.

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