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Nash was born in 2016 in Kentucky, and is referred to as an "Off The Track" Thoroughbred because he was a race horse. His grandfather is Unbridled, the 1990 Kentucky derby winner. His breeders had high hopes for Nash and invested $250K into his training, however, being the laid back dude he is, he didn’t like to run and they couldn’t convince him otherwise. He was retired to a small barn for some gentle R&R before he came to Colorado where he now happily spends his time as an equine therapist. Nashville is his full name because his temperament is that of a laid back southern gentleman. Well, most days. Sometimes he’s a little too much like a giant red dog trying to hop into everyone’s lap, earning him the nickname "Clifford" around the barn.

Nash is a quiet and calm giant. He is approachable and sweet, sensitive, inquisitive, and loves humans. Being the youngest of the herd, he is lower on the totem pole despite his large size. He has playful moments and usually forgets how big he is when meeting with his favorite humans.

Nash was the inspiration for a painting by artist Monte Michener, that was generously donated for auction at one of our FUNdraisers and was a very popular item.

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