Horse Boarding

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We have two boarding options:

  1. Boarding for horses that can be used by our therapists as therapy horses

  2. Regular horse boarding

Boarding your horse with us for use in our therapy program can be a rewarding way to know that your horse is getting a lot of love and attention, and is helping other people at the same time. This is a fantastic option if you can’t get out to see your horse daily, as they will receive daily interaction and grooming from volunteers, therapists, and clients working with therapists.

In order to become a therapy horse we ask that horses come for a 2-week evaluation period. This is to determine if your horse enjoys the type of work that they are asked to do in therapy. Therapy horses do not need to be perfect. We need to assess that they are sound, safe, and happy.

Horses that are used in the therapy program board with us at a reduced rate than the regular horse boarding rate.


Our Facility

Our facility is just 5 minutes from Boulder and is surrounded by open space. Board includes:

  • Stall with run

  • Free choice hay

  • Daily turnout (7 days a week)

  • Access to trails

  • Indoor arena

  • 2 x outdoor arena

  • 2 x roundpens

  • Stall bedding and daily mucking

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