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Trudi Howley

Member at Large

Trudi Howley brings a unique blend of expertise to our board, combining her

lifelong passion for horses with her extensive background in psychology and

counseling. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Nationally Board Certified

Counselor, Somatic Psychotherapist, and Trauma Healing Specialist, Trudi

dedicates her time to helping others navigate through challenging times and find


As a lifelong equestrian, competitive dressage rider, and a United States

Dressage Federation Bronze and Silver medalist, Trudi's deep understanding of

horses enriches her work in the field of equine therapy. Through her love for

horses and years of working closely with them, Trudi has developed a refined

ability to decipher their nonverbal communication, from subtle body language to

energetic cues. She believes that earning the trust of a horse is an exercise in

self-awareness and regulation.

Trudi's commitment to engaging with the unique qualities of horses for

therapeutic purposes aligns perfectly with our mission to make a positive impact

on the lives of others.

Member at Large
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