Scott Harrison's Council of Kindness finds a home at Medicine Horse


We are delighted to announce that The Council of Kindness, a sanctuary created by Scott Harrison to aid people on the path to healing and mindfulness, has found a home at Medicine Horse.

Scott created the Council of Kindness after completion of the Carousel of Happiness.

“Over several months in 2015, I designed a circular bench with kind-looking, large animals occupying it, and looking in the direction of a spot that was designated for a visitor. One hundred small wooden song birds would be perched on a large ring of brass above the bench.

The space would be silent and secure for visitors to find their thoughts, perhaps hear themselves breath, and enjoy a brief separation from the rest of their lives.”

The Council of Kindness consists of six wooden animals. A bear, a wolf, a dolphin, a giraffe, a donkey, and a rhinoceros. Above the circular bench on which the animals sit, perch a flock of song birds. The bench has areas between the animals for people to sit amongst them.

We believe that the room in which these animals sit will provide significant therapeutic value for the people who we serve at Medicine Horse. Our therapists will have use of the room, as will our staff and volunteers. It is a place where people can come and sit alone, or as part of their time with one of our therapists. As Medicine Horse focuses on the healing power of animals, these mindfully created animal sculptures fit perfectly with our work.

To say we feel honored that Vietnam veteran Scott chose Medicine Horse to house the Council of Kindness would be an understatement. We are delighted by it, and inspired. Each wonderful sculpture is not only a work of art crafted by a master sculptor, but also a dedication to someone special. The room that the Council of Kindness is housed in was also built for us by Scott, who was very generous with his time and resources in making bringing the Council to Medicine Horse a reality.