Magic Moments At Medicine Horse

A young girl came to one of our programs, in trouble for running away. She put her head down on the picnic table, closed her eyes and put her fingers in her ears. She shut herself off from everything and everyone. But the HopeFoals approached, always curious, eyeing her through the fence. I began to talk about the foals, how they were young and wild, how they used to run away and do silly things because they didn't know better. Slowly, the girl responded. She took her fingers out of her ears to listen. She peeked through her arms to look at the foals. And finally, she lifted her head and said, "Can I touch one?"

It is a magic touch, this reawakening of the senses, this return to nature, this unbreakable bond between horses and people.

We reach out to you again to help the at-risk clients and horses of Medicine Horse Program. Due to the heat and fires, we face drought and another hay shortage. Hay has become a living breathing monster here; we have nightmares about it. We have cut back our herd drastically, unable to rescue more horses until we can find homes for the mustangs we have been training for a year.

Even with less help and fewer horses, we are running new collaborations with the YMCA, with Boulder County Expand, and Juvenile Diversion. We continue with our core programs, Veterans Peace of Mind, Imagine, Healing with Horses, Just Say Whoa and the HopeFoal Project. We are working harder to bring in more paying programs such as our MHP certification program. These paying programs support the at-risk clients who cannot pay.

As the economy rebounds, we are only receiving smaller grants given in the depths of the recession. Corporate sponsors who dropped off have not returned. We are relying very much on the kindness of the Oak Foundation, Sky Ranch and donors like you. Please help by giving as much as you can. Every penny counts.

Kathy K. Johnson, Executive Director