A Sanctuary of Peace and Hope

Medicine Horse Program rescued a little bay Andalusian filly at an auction for $150. When she arrived, she was exhausted, malnourished and could barely walk due to locking stifles. The veterinarian said she was probably pregnant. The filly had only been haltered once, did not know how to lead and had never been groomed.  

Women suffering from addictions, as part of the Rose House residential treatment center, met her on her first day at Medicine Horse Program. One look into her soulful brown eyes, one touch of her soft muzzle and they sensed the kindness and heart underneath her woebegone hide. How much they empathized with this little animal who has been kicked around, used and abused in her short lifetime.

And so they named her Esperanza, for her Spanish heritage, and for the hope she brings. Within a week, the women were leading, grooming, hugging and loving her. Esperanza was the first of our 2016 HopeFoals, a symbol of resiliency, courage and a new life for all of those who come to Medicine Horse Program suffering and in need.

As a new year breaks, we thank you for the generous donations that make our programs possible. So many new programs including Fearless Victory with the Boulder Veterans Center, Shiloh House for youths impacted by abuse, neglect and trauma, and an exciting collaboration with the State of Colorado's Department of Youth Corrections.

Please continue to help Medicine Horse Program any way you can, cash donations, donations of hay, feed, equipment and services and by volunteering your valuable time.

Thank you for supporting this sanctuary of peace and hope.