Nyle has been practicing psychotherapy since 2007 and has worked with horses since he was a kid. He started at MHP as a volunteer in 2015 and accepted the role of the Program Director in 2016.  He enjoys being at Medicine Horse Program where he gets to combine his love of horses and nature with his passion for therapy.

Nyle's gentle and laid back approach make him well-suited for a wide variety of issues and populations. Nyle has a specific focus on working with transgender and other LGBQ+ clients, teenagers, and people with developmental disabilities. He also works well with people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and emotion regulation. Nyle has specialized training in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), which he enjoys bringing into the equine assisted therapy setting. For more information about Nyle please visit his website: www.nylebiondi.com or send him an email: nyle@nylebiondi.com

Grace Baker, volunteer coordinator and barn manager

Grace has been volunteering at Medicine Horse since 2011 and took on the roles of barn manager and volunteer coordinator in early 2017. She makes sure all of the Medicine Horse's are happy and healthy, in addition to being available to answer questions and give tours. Grace teaches riding lessons and has four horses of her own, all that she adopted through Medicine Horse Program! She has been riding horses since she was 9, and has lots of experience with young horses, young riders, and those lacking confidence. 

To contact: sgb1013@gmail.com or 618-772-6155

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Eve Ellis, MA, LPC

Eve has over 5 years experience working with children and teens in therapeutic settings and over 10 years experience working with children and teens in equine settings. She has advanced training in play therapy, wilderness therapy, equine assisted psychotherapy and transpersonal counseling. Eve works with individual clients as well as groups. She runs grief groups, addiction groups and various other therapeutic groups for adults and children.

Eve finds the equine-human relationship both empowering and revealing, and loves working with the horses to help people find self-confidence and hope. Her training in Play Therapy has been extensive and Eve finds this form of therapy to be an incredible way to help children grow and heal through many of life's difficulties.

Eve has the ability to balance compassion for the individual's journey with practicality for enacting change and encouraging growth.

For more info, visit Eve's web site at: natureoftherapy.com


Brianna Hammerman, MA, LPC

Brianna integrates more than five years of clinical experience with her lifetime of learning and growing from horses. She received a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology/Counseling Education from the University of Colorado at Denver with an emphasis on couple and family counseling. Professional experience includes working with individuals, couples and families impacted by a wide range of psychological difficulties including Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Dual Diagnosis and Eating Disorders.

Her focus is working with the complexities of young adulthood, identity development and helping people have more satisfying relationships. Equine Assisted Therapy provides the opportunity to explore the dynamic nature of relationships, identify beliefs and understand behavioral patterns that are impacting your life. Horses are the perfect teacher and supporter for healing and growth; by providing strength, wisdom and authenticity they empower people to do the same.

While the healing process may be challenging at times, it is also filled with compassion, curiosity and discovery. 

To contact Brianna call 303-910-0250 or visit www.briannahammermancounseling.com

Jessica Dallman, MA, LPCc

Jessica is a tri-lingual (English, American Sign Language, Spanish) multicultural counselor in Boulder and Denver. Jess founded Natural Wisdom Counseling and practices Gestalt Equine Psychotherapy, nature-based therapy, and trauma recovery (EMDR therapy), and specializes in working with couples, families, LGBTQIA+ experiences, and issues of oppression. Jess has an interdisciplinary, relational, and social justice framework that aids in tailoring sessions to the unique needs of each client. When not working, Jess can be found rock climbing, hiking with her Great Dane, meditating, reading, dancing, or volunteering.

Jessica Dallman, MA LPCc


(701) 870-0022

Lauren Munger

Lauren has been in private practice for 30 years working with children, teens and adults. She wrote and taught a workshop called A Hero’s Journey for 10 years in the 90’s in Boulder County and has recently brought it back with the addition of horses. This workshop is for adolescents, teens and families. It focuses on self-esteem and self-confidence as well as exploring group dynamics and conflict resolution. Participants are taken on a journey of self-discovery to find the Hero inside.

Lauren has studied with Natural Horsewomen like Kim Lankford of Living Horsemanship, Anna Twinney of Reach Out to Horses and Melisa Pearce of Touched by a Horse. She was a certified ROTH horse trainer from 2010-2017 and is currently a Certified Practitioner with TBAH where she graduated in 2013. She continues to lead workshops and has a private Equine Gestalt practice in Boulder County.

Contact Lauren at 303-591-4357



Courtney McCall, MA, LPCC, NCC

Courtney graduated magna cum laude from Regis University in 2016 with a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and was certified in Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy/Equine-Assisted Learning in 2017. Courtney also has additional training in Play Therapy, Couples Therapy, and Family Therapy. Her main clinical focus has been in providing services to children, adults, and families suffering from trauma, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, attachment, and self-esteem issues. She operates from perspectives founded in Jungian, Gestalt, and Person-Centered theories. Courtney believes that healing occurs holistically, through working with the mind, body, and spirit. She prefers to collaborate with clients regarding their treatment, in order to maximize the client's potential for healing. In her spare time, Courtney enjoys riding her two rescue horses, practicing archery, singing, hiking, kayaking, making art, and snuggling with her two dogs and cat.  Courtney welcomes anyone looking for both traditional and alternative, nature-based approaches to therapy. 




Julie graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science in Equine Science and a Minor in Business Management. She has been a volunteer with Medicine Horse Program since 2008 and is actively involved in the local horse community. Julie has a strong background in horse training, business administration, and operational management from successfully running her own program for the past several years. She actively competes in Eventing, Dressage, and Jumpers and has earned the USDF Bronze Medal and numerous year end awards. She is also a USDF “L” Graduate with Distinction. 

Making sure the horses are healthy, happy, and thriving here at Medicine Horse is her passion. Julie has experience working with a wide variety of horses, including Mustangs and special needs cases. She brings the highest standards of care to our facility and extensive experience in equine industry.


Chris Culver-Vibrans, LSW

Chris has a rather eclectic set of skills and experiences that make her a unique and effective therapist. On the conventional side, she has a bachelor's degree in Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University and a Master's Degree from the University of Denver's Graduate School of Social Work with an emphasis in interpersonal trauma. She has a certification in Family Mediation from the Colorado School of Family therapy. She also was a health care provider for 15 years, so has a solid background in science. Then there's the interesting side. She was a professional tarot card reader for 10 years- solve your life's problems in 20 minutes for $20. She is also a graduate of Foundation for Shamanic Studies three year program and has studied and trained with indigenous healers and medicine people on three continents- the latest being Siberia. She is a rancher with horses, miniature cattle, goats, chickens, a llama, and a yak. She is owned by a couple of dogs and a bossy cat. Her perspective is broad, her skills diverse, and yet she is practical and pragmatic.

She specializes not only in interpersonal trauma, PTSD, and depression but also works with the transgender population. As a social worker her philosophy is holistic and inclusive. She prides herself on being very approachable both personally and financially. email: chrisvibrans@yahoo.com


Joan Rieger, MA, LPC

Joan is a licensed psychotherapist with her Masters in Counseling from Naropa University (2001).  She is currently in private practice in Lafayette, CO specializing in trauma & abuse, attachment issues, couples counseling, depression, and grief.  She offers equine psychotherapy to individuals and couples.  Joan is also the co-founder of the Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies and a faculty member at the Gestalt Institute of the Rockies.  Prior to becoming a therapist, Joan spent 10 years in customer business development at Procter & Gamble.  Once a therapist, she worked extensively with families and adolescents as the clinical director at a wilderness therapy program.   She was also the clinical supervisor for Medicine Horse Program, and an adjunct faculty member for Naropa University.  Joan has traveled to Australia, New Zealand and England to co-facilitate trainings and teach the Gestalt Equine Psychotherapy model.  Joan is certified as a Gestalt therapist from the Gestalt Institute of the Rockies, and trained in Level 1 Somatic Experiencing.   Contact Joan at joanriegertherapy@gmail.com

or visit www.joanrieger.com

Heather Gunther

Through equine therapy, you have the opportunity to address challenges either in your life or the life of your child with the aid of animals that are dedicated to connection and health. Horses have the rare ability to help us access the emotional part of the brain that is often exacerbating anxiety, overwhelm, and a host of other feelings that are causing struggles and suffering in our lives. With the aid of the horses, you can integrate the struggles and your biology so you or your child can make choices that lead to greater empowerment, confidence and the ability to take on challenges with greater ease.

Heather Gunther has been helping people overcome relationship challenges, stress, lack of confidence, the discrepancy between what you are capable of and what you accomplish and so many other challenges. For nearly 20 years, she has been helping children through adults to develop the tools to finally feel whole, healthy and capable of thriving. Whether through play therapy, equine-assisted psychotherapy or coaching, together we can get at the root of your struggle so you can begin living a more embodied, focused, energy filled life of wonder and wellness. 

To learn more about working with Heather Gunther one-on-one, in groups, on retreat or to bring Heather to your facility, visit HealThroughPlay.com                                        call 720-295-6837                                                or email HeatherGunther@me.com

Margot Neuman

Margot Neuman is the Founder and Executive Director of the Mindfulness Peace Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit umbrella organization doing business under the trade names Veterans Peace of Mind Project, Ratna Peace Initiative and Fearless Victory.

She grew up riding horses in Florida, where she spent a great deal of time teaching riding lessons to children, and acting as guide for trail rides.  In 1970, she graduated cum laude from Central Florida University (formerly known as Florida Technological University) with a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Psychology and Research. From early1979 through 1980, she studied dressage with Diano Mukpo, and spent a month in Germany at a dressage facility.

She has practiced meditation since 1973 and has been authorized as a teacher, meditation instructor and pastoral counselor in the Tibetan/Shambhala tradition. Mrs. Neuman has been a meditation instructor and teacher in that tradition for over 28 years.  For the past 22 years, she has taught meditation in prisons across the United States. For the past seven years, she has been providing secular mindfulness training for Veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress, a program she developed with the guidance of psychological health professionals who have extensive training and experience in treating post-traumatic stress.  She then developed an innovative curriculum in collaboration with the Medicine Horse Program, known as Fearless Victory, which combines secular mindfulness practices with mindfulness based equine activities.

 For the past three years, Mrs. Neuman has developed and taught mindfulness programs for incarcerated veterans at prisons in Colorado, Florida and Oregon.


Alison McCabe, BA, BEd, GEP, MS (2017) 

Alison McCabe is a registered psychotherapist, certified Gestalt Equine Psychotherapist (2013), and internship student (MS, Prescott College, 2017). She has over four years of working with teens in residential treatment, their families, and individuals. She offers equine sessions for individuals, couples, and families that are struggling with relationships, self-confidence, compulsive or addictive behaviors and patterns, and parent-child conflicts. She and the horses work together to bring unconscious patterns and beliefs to awareness, create a more compassionate and empowered relationship to those patterns, and learn to move with and through the blocks. She offers a loving, humorous, and emphatic presence, as well as a deep love and respect for what the horses have to offer.