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In accordance with the provisions of the Equal Opportunity Act and the City of Boulder Human Rights Ordinance, there will be no discrimination against an applicant for services or benefits based on the basis of age, source of income, sex, race marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, religion or handicap. Medicine Horse Program complies with all state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination. the City of Boulder's Human Rights Ordinance protects against discrimination. If you believe your rights have been violated, call the Colorado Fair Housing Hotline at (303)672-5437 or 1-800-877-7353.

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A Sanctuary of Peace and Hope

Medicine Horse Program rescued a little bay Andalusian filly at an auction for $150. When she arrived, she was exhausted, malnourished and could barely walk due to locking stifles. The veterinarian says she is probably pregnant. The filly had only been haltered once, did not know how to lead and had never been groomed. Women suffering from addictions, part of the Rose House residential treatment center met her on her first day at Medicine Horse Program. One look into her soulful brown eyes, one touch of her soft muzzle and they sensed the kindness and heart underneath her woebegone hide. How much they empathized with this little animal who has been kicked around, used and abused in her short lifetime.

And so they named her Esperanza, Esperanza for her Spanish heritage, and Esperanza for the hope she brings. Within a week, they were leading, grooming, hugging and loving her. Esperanza is the first of our 2016 HopeFoals, a symbol of resiliency, courage and a new life for all of those who come to Medicine Horse Program suffering and in need.

As a new year breaks, we thank you for the generous donations that make our programs possible. So many new programs including Fearless Victory with the Boulder Veterans Center, Shiloh House for youths impacted by abuse, neglect and trauma, and an exciting collaboration with the State of Colorado's Department of Youth Corrections.

Please continue to help Medicine Horse Program any way you can, cash donations, donations of hay, feed, equipment and services and by volunteering your valuable time.

Thank you for supporting this sanctuary of peace and hope.


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Beautiful Horse For Sale

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Jan Wingate and Chicho join the Century Club

Jan Wingate and Chicho achieved their Century Award, a national dressage award for a horse/rider team whose combined ages average over 100. Congratulations!

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Shannon Aritola riding Longhorn steer, Cowboy Magic

Thanks to everyone who helped with and attended our Wild West Show and Benefit this year. It was a great time and a beautiful day.

Thanks to all our donors and sponsors who keep MHP going.

The Hippie Buckroos, the band, was on fire, but the horses were not. Snarf's donated some great food. Special thanks to our Benefit Committee, Wynn Simpson, Susan Hallowell, Kelly Johannes, Carol Koltz, Cathy Baker, Shannon Aritolla, Tony Johnson, Diane Kribs, Katherine Mann, and Sherry Tooker!

For pics of the event, click here. Be sure to like our face book page for important events and updates.

If You Couldn't Make it, There's Still Time to Donate!


It's been almost six years since I first met Nitro. He was three months old when generously donated to Medicine Horse Program by Teresa and Ryan Phillips. People who know me know I love babies. And fluffy palomino Haflinger babies? Bring em on.

So, Nitro said good bye to his mom, Cherie, and Tony caught the moment.

We drove him home and he exploded onto the scene like, well nitroglycerin.

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Ever dreamed of breeding Gypsy Horses?



We have a small, elite herd of Gypsy horses, can sell together or separately, with preference going toward herd sale. None are related.

Domino, double registered 2 year old Gypsy stallion, very fertile, has been pasture bred, a true gentleman. Son of British Sterling fourth level dressage horse and Sunny. Black and white pinto, four white socks, one blue eye on black, stunning.

Annie, yearling Gypsy filly. Double registered, daughter of St. Clarin and Baby Dumpling. Black and white pinto.

Coco, 5 year old bay grade pony mare, trained to ride and jump, great strong legs and feet, gentle, quiet disposition. Confirmed bred to Domino for 2015 spring cob foal.

Eva, huge 2 year old registered Friesian sporthorse, half Appaloosa, 16 hands, black with white blanket, heavily feathered. Sire Torben Sport, a 17.1 hand elite Friesian. Selected to breed to Gypsy horses for size, movement, feathering and color. Would cross well with Domino.

Please email kathy@medicinehorse.org/ for more information. For more pics, Click Here

$45,000 for the herd of four. Individual prices substantially higher.

Medicine Horse Show Team

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Magic Moments At Medicine Horse

A young girl came to one of our programs, in trouble for running away. She put her head down on the picnic table, closed her eyes and put her fingers in her ears. She shut herself off from everything and everyone. But the HopeFoals approached, always curious, eyeing her through the fence. I began to talk about the foals, how they were young and wild, how they used to run away and do silly things because they didn't know better. Slowly, the girl responded. She took her fingers out of her ears to listen. She peeked through her arms to look at the foals. And finally, she lifted her head and said, "Can I touch one?"

It is a magic touch, this reawakening of the senses, this return to nature, this unbreakable bond between horses and people.

We reach out to you again to help the at-risk clients and horses of Medicine Horse Program. Due to the heat and fires, we face drought and another hay shortage. Hay has become a living breathing monster here; we have nightmares about it. We have cut back our herd drastically, unable to rescue more horses until we can find homes for the mustangs we have been training for a year.

Even with less help and fewer horses, we are running new collaborations with the YMCA, with Boulder County Expand, and Juvenile Diversion. We continue with our core programs, Veterans Peace of Mind, Imagine, Healing with Horses, Just Say Whoa and the HopeFoal Project. We are working harder to bring in more paying programs such as our MHP certification program. These paying programs support the at-risk clients who cannot pay.

As the economy rebounds, we are only receiving smaller grants given in the depths of the recession. Corporate sponsors who dropped off have not returned. We are relying very much on the kindness of the Oak Foundation, Sky Ranch and donors like you. Please help by giving as much as you can. Every penny counts.

Kathy K. Johnson, Executive Director

You may send a check to: Medicine Horse, 8778 Arapahoe Rd., Boulder 80303.



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A Great Success On a Beautiful Colorado Day


Nitro's First Ride March 2012

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Fearless Filly Gets To The Heart of PTSD in Innovative Treatment With Veterans

By Kathryn King Johnson, M.Ed.

Medicine Horse Program and Veterans Peace of Mind Project, both based in Boulder, Colorado, announce an exciting new collaboration, called "Fearless Victory."

Veterans Peace of Mind Project helps soldiers with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), providing mindfulness meditation programs as a psychological tool for dealing with trauma. Medicine Horse Program also uses mindfulness based techniques in equine-assisted psychotherapy. Using horses as co-facilitators, therapists help soldiers connect in relationship with each other and the horses.

"The wild horses help me to open up. The more I open up, the more they connect with me. It spirals outward, and I start opening up more with people in my day to day life," said John, a Viet Nam vet.

Most of the mustangs at Medicine Horse, caught recently on the range, are hypervigilent, with a strong flight instinct, and an aversion to being touched.

"The symptoms are the same as PTSD," one veteran said, "When I got home from the war, I didn't want anyone to touch me. "

As the horses learn to trust humans, the veterans see real results. In the process, they learn to trust the horses and begin to heal as well.

An astonished veteran exclaimed at the progress of a mustang named Mama, "She is not the same horse we worked with a month ago. If Mama can heal so quickly, so can we. She gives us hope."

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HopeFoal Project™ Receives $20,000 Grant From the Sky Ranch Foundation

Medicine Horse Program is pleased to announce receipt of a $20,000 grant supporting our HopeFoal Project™ from the Sky Ranch Foundation of Fredericksburg, VA. Sky Ranch Foundation, has been coordinating alcohol beverage industry support for at-risk kids since 1961.

HopeFoal Project™: This award-winning program partners rescued foals with depressed and anxious teens. The teens work with trained therapists and horse handlers to help gentle the foals. In the process, both foal and teen are healed.

For more than 11 years, Medicine Horse Program has been dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of adolescents, families, and adults through unique equine-assisted experiences. We provide group and individual therapy sessions that focus on healing. Individual and group psychotherapy sessions are offered. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Our services meet the particular needs of low-income individuals referred to us by local city and county agencies. Vulnerable youth populations are an emphasis at Medicine Horse Program.

"We are thrilled to have the financial support from the Sky Ranch Foundation," says Kathy Johnson, Executive Director of Medicine Horse Program. "We have more children in need than ever before. The cost of hay is soaring, expenses are up and donations are down due to the economy. We need these generous donations to provide the quality of services for which we are nationally renowned."

Read the press release here.


Foal Festival 2011

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MHP Veterans Group Featured in Daily Camera

Fearless Victory Pairs Traumatized Mustangs with Veterans with PTSD
By Stephanie Gates For the Camera, photos and video by Mark Leffingwell

Wild mustangs are not what most doctors prescribe for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. But Mamma, Fearless, Ember and Ponyo offer some pretty good therapy.

All four horses were rescued from Canyon City, which serves as a "holding pen" for wild mustangs rounded up across the West (these four came from Wyoming). They were adopted by Medicine Horse Program, a non-profit mental health organization specializing in equine-assisted therapy in Boulder. The program serves more than 500 clients a year. The Fearless Victory Project, part of the Medicine Horse Program, focuses specifically on veterans suffering from PTSD.

Read the full story here.


HopeFoal Project™ Featured on ABC World News

Reporter Erin Hayes and ABC camera crews filmed for two days at Medicine Horse, focusing on the HopeFoal Project™. The program was featured on the national news. To see the clip, click on the ABC logo. The HopeFoals have been proudly sponsored by Mychelle Dermeceuticals for over three years.


MHP Featured in Denver Post - June 14, 2011

Disabled adults, likely to outlive parents, face unclear future
By Karen Auge, The Denver Post

Slick stood patiently in a Medicine Horse stall, letting the brush glide over his haunches, the motion at once calming the animal and producing a smile of pure boyish bliss on the 50-year-old face of the man wordlessly stroking him.

More than 40 years ago, that man, Richard Chestor, was one of the first children diagnosed in Colorado with autism.

As an infant, he stiffened when held. He was so repulsed by human contact that even being fed drove him to fits, said his mother, Geri.

He never spoke more than a few dozen words, each painstakingly taught by his mother. It took years, thousands of dollars and dozens of doctors before someone put a name to what was wrong with Geri Chestor's little boy.

That diagnosis - autism - was seldom heard back then.

Read the full story here.

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Our Kids - Medicine Horse Success Stories

Names and photos have been changed to protect confidentiality.

Eileen came to MHP 8 years ago, in one of the first "Just Say Whoa" classes. She was drinking, doing drugs, and in trouble with the law. She refused to speak to her family about her problems. Working with a horse named Beau and the therapists in "Just Say Whoa," Eileen learned to set and keep boundaries. Without boundaries, Beau walked all over her. Eileen learned new ways to communicate with the pushy horse. As she learned to control Beau, she began to take control of herself when everything at home was spinning out of control.

The horses changed her life forever. Now in her 20s, Eileen called Medicine Horse Program to update us on her life. She is in college, something she'd never dreamed of in the past. She is working on a research paper on Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and called us for more information. Her time at Medicine Horse meant so much to her she wants to make this her career. She wants to give back to other children in need.

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Our Mission and Our Programs

Medicine Horse Program enhances the mental health and life skills of youth, adults, families, and groups through therapeutic interaction with horses.

Medicine Horse Program fulfills our values and beliefs through five core youth programs:

HopeFoal Project™: This award-winning class partners rescued Premarin foals with depressed and anxious teens. The teens work with trained therapists and horse handlers to help gentle the foals. In the process, both foal and teen are healed.

Healing With Horses™: In collaboration with Hospice of Boulder and Broomfield Counties, this 2006 NOVA Health and Human Services award-winning class helps children deal with issues of grief associated with the loss of a loved one.

Just Say Whoa™: This class, in partnership with Boulder BEST program and others, is designed for truant teens and repeat juvenile offenders. Through interaction with horses and therapists, the class helps teens confront their complex lives.

Equus Integration Project™: This growth and learning class breals down barriers among diverse populations, building the communication and leadership skills of non-English-speaking teens.

EquineAbility™: Through horse activities, creative expression and body movement, this EAP program addresses the psychological, emotional and social aspects of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Scholarships for all of the core programs are available.